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Telstra Energy isn’t taking new customers for now

Our specialised support team is here for existing Telstra Energy customers. Call 13 22 00 and say ‘Energy’ to connect to our team.

Find all the important information in one place

Energy can be confusing, so we’re trying to make it easier to understand.

Contracts made easier

We’ve shortened and simplified the terms and conditions for your benefit.

Get plan details

Existing customers can search for Basic Plan Information Documents and Fact Sheets which include prices and plan features. 

Victorian Default Offer

Learn more about the Victorian Default Offer.

Default Market Offer

Learn more about the Default Market Offer.

Self meter read

Submit meter reading - Telstra Energy

Submit your own meter reading if you don't have a smart reader.

Call 000 in an emergency or find your distributor

For electricity outages or faults that are not emergencies, you need to contact your local distributor directly.

Each state has different distributors and some areas have more than one. If there is more than one distributor in your postcode, check your bill to confirm the one for your area.

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Sorry, we don't provide any services in your area.

Telstra Energy complaints

Find out how to complain about your electricity service and steps to take if your complaint is not resolved.