How do I submit my own meter reading?

When to submit

If you don’t have a smart meter, you may receive an estimated bill. You can submit your own meter reading two days before your bill is due. 

Follow these three steps to submit your own meter reading. 

Once you locate your meter be careful opening the box as insects and creatures like to make a home inside the meter box. Also watch out for any damage to the box as sharp edges or exposed wires may be a hazard. 

1. Locate your meter

Most houses have a separate meter for electricity and gas. Make sure you are looking at your electricity meter. There are many different types of meters and they can be located in many different places.

House meter location

  • Outside in the garden 
  • On an outside wall 
  • Laundry 
  • Under kitchen sink 
  • Garage wall 

Apartment meter location

  • Outside in the garden 
  • On another level of your building 
  • In the foyer  
  • Carpark area 
  • In the basement 

2. Record your meter reading

Before you can submit your own meter reading, you need to know how to accurately read your type of meter. The electricity meter diagrams will help you work out which meter you have.

Electricity meters

Locate your electricity meter, follow the instructions for reading your meter type and record the numbers on your meter.

Clock dial electricity meter

The reading for this meter is 61714
Round shaped electricity meter with five small clock dials.  Five numbers below the dials are showing meter reading 61714.
  • Stand in front of the meter to take your reading. 
  • You will need to read the dials from left to right. Some meters don't show the 5 numbers below the dial.
  • Always record the lower of the two numbers, unless 0-9 then always record 9. 
  • Only read the black and white dials. You can ignore any red dials. 

Odometer electricity meters

The reading for this meter is 065782
Square shaped electricity meter with rectangular odometer display. Six numbers show meter reading of 065783.
  • Read the numbers from left to right including any zeros. 
  • Where a number is between two numbers record the lower number. 
  • Some odometer meters have two displays.  One labelled H (high) and the other labelled L (low).  You will need to record both numbers for your reading.  

Digital electricity meters

The reading for this meter is 002463
Rectangular shaped electricity meter showing digital display and two round buttons beneath the digital display.  Six numbers show meter reading of 002463.
  • Press the scroll or display button to cycle through the different display options. 
  • You may have a display for peak, off-peak or solar. Record the numbers for each one.  
  • Read from left to right including any zeros in your reading. 

3. Submit your meter reading

To submit your meter reading  call 13 22 00 and say “Energy” to speak directly to our energy support team or email

For interpreter or translation services call 1800 241 600