Estimated energy bills

We’re here to help you understand why you received an estimated bill, what you can do next and perhaps how to avoid them in the future.

Confirming you have an estimated bill

The best way to know if you have an estimated bill is to check the meter section on your electricity bill to see if the read type says actual or estimate. If it says estimate, then you received an estimated bill.

Highlighting the read type section on the bill

Reasons for estimated bills

There are a few reasons you might receive an estimated bill, but the most common situations are: 

  • No easy access to your meter. 
  • You are billed monthly, and meters are read every few months. 
  • There was a problem with your smart meter sending the data.

Meter access

To ensure easy access to your meter you should make sure that any bushes around your meter are trimmed and any pets are secured.   

Check your bill for the estimated date of your next meter read. Make sure you have provided clear access for the meter reader. 

Highlighting where to find meter read date on the bill

Monthly bills

When you are billed monthly and you don’t have a smart meter, we won’t have your actual usage data to calculate your bill. 

Basic or analogue meters are read by distributors every two to three months.

Smart meter dropouts

When you have a smart meter, connection dropouts can occur when usage data is being sent.  If this happens, the metering company can provide us with an estimated read for that period based on the best data available to them.  This could include previous usage at your property.   

Submit your own meter reading

If you’ve received an estimated bill, you may want to submit your own meter reading.

Follow three simple steps to submit your own meter reading. Learn how to read your type of meter and the requirements for submitting your own reading.