Top 10 electrical safety tips

Check for frayed cords

Never use an appliance with a frayed or worn-out cord. If you see a damaged cord, unplug the appliance immediately. They are a fire hazard and could cause electrical shock.

Toaster safety

Unplug your toaster if food gets stuck, and wait for it to cool down. Never put anything metal into the toaster. Wooden tongs or similar wooden items are the safest for recovering toast.

Uncoil extension leads

When using extension cords, unwind them fully to help prevent overheating in coiled areas and potentially causing a fire.

Never near water

Keep electrical appliances and the cords away from water. Water is an excellent conductor of electricity and can cause an electric shock.

Keep it professional

Always use a qualified electrician to fix appliances or work on electricity in your home.  Never try to fix things yourself.

Protect your home

Help safeguard your appliances with surge protected power boards. These work by turning off appliances if there is an electricity overload to protect the appliance from damage.

Check what's underground

Dial before you dig. Call this free community service (1100) before you dig at your property. Minimise the risk of hitting underground electrical cables.

Smoke alarms

Be fire safe. Install smoke detectors in all bedrooms, living areas and hallways. Remember to change the batteries every year.

Keep your dryer lint free

Clean your lint filters in your clothes dryer after each use. Lint is combustible and as the temperature rises in the drum it can cause a fire.

Children safety

Use safety covers on unused power points to prevent small children poking objects into the sockets. Covers can be used in wall sockets or in power boards with unused sockets.