5G, small cells and eme

Learn about 5G, EME and small cells

Want to know about our 5G rollout, including small cell and EME safety information? You've come to the right place.

What are small cells?

We’re all using more data than ever on our mobile devices, and more devices of all kinds are being connected to our network every day. Small cells help us maintain the best performing network for you, and to meet the future data and connectivity demand that technologies like 5G will bring with them.

See the latest on mmWave

We’re spending around $277 million for our slice of the new mmWave spectrum to be used on the next phase of our 5G network which will deliver even faster speeds and much greater capacity. 

EME safety

Base stations and small cells operate at relatively low power, with independent surveys demonstrating that the background EME level in the community from base stations is very low, and similar to environmental EME levels from broadcast radio and television.

Learn more about 5G

We’re on a mission to bring better connectivity to everyone, especially with our 5G. We’ve made a commitment to roll out our exciting new 5G capabilities to more areas across metro, regional and rural Australia, and that’s exactly what we’re doing.