Showing your support

During this global health emergency, we need to come together – just as we’ve always done in the face of natural disasters and other hardships. Now, we hope to encourage Australians to come together and get vaccinated.   

Getting vaccinated will make an incredible difference. We believe it will help us protect each other – especially the vulnerable amongst us - lessen the financial burden on families, and turn around the toll on our wellbeing caused by the uncertainty and isolation of lockdowns.  

We also believe the vaccination program will support all Australians by continuing to keep us safe, so we can return to the way of life we love sooner, and start looking forward to a healthier economy.  
We’ve been part of Australian life for over 100  years, and this is our way of saying ‘thank you’ for doing your part.   

Telstra Plus care package

Coming soon

Many Australians are still in lockdown, so all Telstra Plus members, regardless of vaccination status, can redeem a digital care package on us.

Coming soon: two ways to be rewarded

  1. Telstra Plus care package

    We'll also be launching our digital care package for all Telstra Plus members, regardless of vaccination status, which includes:

    • a Telstra TV Box Office movie on us
    • discounts on a food delivery service 
    • access to discounts in our Telstra Plus Rewards Store, and more

    We'll have more information coming soon, so stay tuned! 

  2. Telstra #LetsVaxx and get rewarded

    Telstra Plus members who confirm they are fully vaccinated before 31 January 2022, will get 2,500 Telstra Plus points, and when you claim your points, you'll go into a major prize draw for a chance to be one of 20 winners to receive 5 million points each and credit towards eligible Telstra services for a year (capped at $3,500).

    Winners can put the 5 million points towards redeeming top-of-the-line phones, tablets, wearables, headphones in our Rewards store.

    Consult your medical practitioner prior to getting vaccinated. If you want to know more about vaccine eligibility, see: Who can get vaccinated for COVID-19.

So, when can you claim your rewards?

You can claim your 2,500 bonus Telstra Plus points by the end of September.  We’ll let you know in the coming weeks. 

From late September, you can claim your points, simply by adding your digital certificate document number. Once you’ve done that, an additional 2,500 Telstra Plus points will automatically be added onto your account balance.  

We'll contact Telstra Plus members when the app updates are ready to use. The rewards will be available until the end of January 2022.  

How to get ready

  1. Get fully vaccinated

    When you can, get fully vaccinated according to your local Government guidelines.
  2. Join Telstra Plus

    To receive your bonus points, you’ll need to join the Telstra Plus program first, which is free.

    As a Telstra customer, you can join Telstra Plus with a Telstra ID, or register for one.  Anyone over 18 with an active Telstra business or personal service who has a Telstra ID can join Telstra Plus. 
    If you don’t have a Telstra ID, register here.
  3. Download the My Telstra app

    To get the bonus points, customers need to join the Telstra Plus program, which is free. Instructions on how to join on the Telstra Plus store.

Eligibility criteria apply.
(Excludes Telstra enterprise and corporate accounts).
Keep in mind, if you’re not the account holder or a full authority representative (e.g. you’re a limited authority representative), you will need the account holder or a full authority representative to join first.

What's Telstra Plus?

A rewards program for our Telstra customers


Telstra Plus is our rewards program that recognises you for being a loyal customer. As a customer with a Telstra Plus membership, you earn points based on your eligible spend. You can use your points towards discounts on products to redeem in our Rewards Store. 

You can also access great membership benefits, such as discounted movie tickets, pre-sales to selected concerts and more, depending on your tier.  


Join Telstra Plus

Be ready to claim your rewards by joining Telstra Plus for free today.