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Embrace the ever-evolving tech world with Telstra! As we progress, we're revolutionising our approach to welcome student talent into our organisation, seamlessly integrating study, work, and personal growth.

Allow us to introduce the exciting new Career Start Edge Program, where students can earn while they study and learn as they work.

Be a part of the Telstra Career Start Edge Program and unlock a world of endless opportunities.

About the Telstra Career Start Edge Internship

Telstra’s Career Start Edge Program will equip you with the skills, learning, experiences, coaching and mentoring you need for your career today, and in the future. Work on relevant projects with real-world applications, and see how you can make a difference, while you study and beyond.

You will join Telstra permanent part-time, whilst you complete your undergraduate degree, to support the cutting-edge work we’re doing in areas such as Internet of Things (IoT), Software Defined Networks, 5G, cybersecurity, drone technology, artificial intelligence (AI) and other emerging technologies.

Edge is designed to enhance and enrich your university studies with immersive, on-the-job, real experiences that embrace ways of working like Agile, DevOps, Human Centred Design and Lean. You will be allocated into Chapters/Operative groups and get hands-on experience with projects designed to develop your capabilities, collaborating with the best people in their field.

Plus, you'll get the tools, flexibility, and volunteer opportunities to support your personal and professional growth, on your terms.

If you have a specific impairment, which may be permanent, temporary or situational, our team are happy to work with you through the recruitment process (or, work with your Disability Employment Services provider if you would like us to). Learn more information on how we hire.

Telstra Career Start Edge

Telstra promotes Career Start Edge Internship to unlock a world of endless opportunities.


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Program eligibility

To be eligible for our Edge Program, you must have completed at least your 1st year of undergraduate study, and must not yet be in your final year of undergraduate study.

You must also be eligible to work in Australia; International Students who have a valid visa that enables them to work in Australia are eligible to apply.

Why choose Telstra?

We like to think of ours as any good relationship – and that means we give a lot back. So when it comes to rewarding and supporting our Career Start Edge undergraduates, we do this in several different ways throughout your journey with us. 

Extra perks of being a Career Start Intern

Great rewards and extras

When you start in the Program, you’ll be given a competitive salary – but that’s not all. You’ll also get a Telstra Additional Day each year on top of your annual leave and have access to paid volunteer and cultural days.

Plus, you’ll receive discounts on Telstra products like phones and internet, and those of our partners, such as travel, entertainment and cars. Learn more about all your benefits.

Social connections

We know that a career at Telstra shouldn’t all be about the work, so we give you plenty of opportunities to network and socialise with your peers and leaders across the business.

These include informal coffee or lunch dates and connecting with colleagues across a range of different forums. We also encourage you to join groups with like-minded people, such as our Spectrum group for LGBTI+ colleagues and their allies, the First Nations peoples, and our Rise Gender Equity group, which is our network on gender equality.    

Flexible working

We have adopted an ‘all roles flex’ working arrangement, which acknowledges that flexible working means different things to different people.

Working from home, getting paid volunteering leave, and paid blood/plasma donation leave are just some of the options available to our employees. You can talk to us about what works for you when you start with us. Learn more about our flexibility.

Immersive experiences

As an Edge undergraduate, you’ll be able to see first-hand the incredible and innovative work our teams are doing across Telstra. You’ll be given opportunities to explore the Global Operations Centre (GOC), the Security Operations Centre (SOC), 5G operations centre and Telstra Labs.

Our previous  students have worked on some pretty cool projects like Internet of Things, vehicle to vehicle communication tools, emergency services communications, and some have even attended concerts and sporting events to test our 4G and 5G capabilities.

Accelerated learning

Throughout the Program you’ll take part in learning, experiences, coaching, and support that will help you to build your professional and technical skills that will set you up for success in your career. 

Work with industry leaders

Whether it’s your manager, a team member, a peer or one of the many specialists in our business, there are several people who’ll be supporting your development and career progression here at Telstra.


Applications for the 2025 Edge Program will open on 1 July 2024 and close on 16 July 2024. 

Based on current business requirements, we are excited to recruit for the following pathways: Network Engineering, Software Engineering, Strategy Business and Finance, and Human Resources.  
These pathways have been selected to align with our current strategic goals, however, the dynamic of our business means that our needs may evolve in the future. We encourage you to keep an eye on this page for updates on future programs, as the pathways we recruit for could change beyond our 2025 Edge program intake.

This is a great question, but a hard one to answer as it will change every year based on the needs of our business. 

That’s hard to say, as you’ll be working whilst completing your undergraduate studies at university, and we know everyone may have a different journey while they’re completing their degree.

To be eligible for our 2025 Program intake, you are completing an undergraduate degree and will have completed at least your first year by the end of 2024, and will not be graduating in 2025.

Of course you can! We would welcome your application as long as you are completing and undergraduate degree, and will have completed at least your first year by the end of 2024, and will not be graduating in 2025.

International Students who have a valid visa that enables them to work in Australia are eligible to apply.

Yes, you can still apply for the Program as long as you can provide us with your grade point average. We prefer official university transcripts, but we accept unofficial ones in the meantime.

Please keep this in mind if you progress to the interview stage, as we’ll ask you for your most up-to-date transcripts.

The 2025 Career Start Edge Program will commence in November 2024- you’ll complete a summer internship working full-time for a few weeks, before reducing to part-time in early 2025 when your university period commences again. We will work with you to find the timing and balance that suits you best! 

Balancing studies with work won’t be for everyone and that is okay!  It is about finding synergy between learning and working and will be a dynamic process that will require you to remain proactive by having ongoing communication and adjustment with your leader as you go.

It depends where you are in your learning journey! We will take you through to your graduation and beyond. For example, if you join us at the start of your third year of a five-year degree, your program will run for three years, where you will then transition to a full-time role with us.

There is a minimum requirement of two days per week – that could mean working half days, changing your schedule each semester, working additional hours in your holidays or something else – you’ll work with your leader to find the right balance for you!

What will your 'why' be?

Whether it’s rewarding career opportunities, an amazing work-life balance or being able to make a difference, you can discover why Telstra is a great place to work.