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Whether you’re making plans for post-uni life or want real-world experience while you study, Telstra’s Student and Graduate Programs light the way to bright futures.

As one of Australia’s Top 100 Graduate and Intern employers, you’ll step into a world of endless possibilities with the latest technology and the power to unlock your potential.


Connect and collaborate with industry experts to accelerate your career, while gaining access to specially designed development programs that elevate your skillset. Embrace a journey of continuous learning and growth, propelling yourself towards a brilliant future!

Graduate and Intern opportunities at Telstra

Telstra promotes Internship opportunities to reimagine your future.


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NARRATOR: You can stand on the sidelines or sit in the driver's seat.

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NARRATOR: That's what we're doing, right now.

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NARRATOR: We're Telstra. Australia's leading telco and technology company. Globally influential, creating a brilliant connected future for everyone.

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NARRATOR: We're changing what we do and creating better ways to do it. We're reshaping ourselves into the telco of tomorrow. 

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NARRATOR: Now imagine this, you can be part of it.

FOOTAGE: Two Telstra employees stand in the blank room as floating text hovers around them. The text includes words related to modern technology; “Home Automation, Cloud Computing, 5G, AI, Java, Swift, AWS”

NARRATOR: Work with leading-edge technology, using the latest tech stack and best-practice methodologies to re-engineer tomorrow's networks.

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NARRATOR: There are four pathways to choose from. Explore your interests and hone your technical skills.

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NARRATOR: We'll give you accelerated learning experiences and prepare you for the critical jobs of the future.

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NARRATOR: Join Telstra. Reimagine tomorrow.

FOOTAGE: A graphic of the Telstra logo appears with a link to the Telstra careers site:

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More about our programs

Telstra Graduate Program

Our 14-month paid Graduate Program is open to candidates who have completed their studies within the last three years, and mature-age students who have just graduated.

Career Start Internships

Our ongoing Internship Program allows students to learn and earn simultaneously, while unlocking boundless opportunities for their future! 

First Nations Careers Program

Our First Nations careers program, in partnership with CareerTrackers, provides First Nations university students with an opportunity to gain first-hand experience aligned to their degree, plus a pathway into the Telstra Graduate Program.

Benefits to support you

Benefits include a great starting salary, flexible working, discounts on Telstra products and services plus hundreds of Telstra’s partners for things like travel, entertainment, cars, and more.

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Generous annual leave with Telstra’s Additional Day each year on top of four weeks annual leave.

Learn more about Telstra's benefits

Paid volunteer and cultural days where you have the opportunity to make a difference. 

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What will your 'why' be?

Whether it’s rewarding career opportunities, an amazing work-life balance or being able to make a difference, you can discover why Telstra is a great place to work.