Why Telstra?

Why choose a career at Telstra?

From our earliest days in the Postmaster General’s Office to the Australian icon we are today, the heart of Telstra has never changed. We’ve always been committed to being a great place to work as we make the world a better place too.

Whether it’s rewarding career opportunities, an amazing work-life balance or being able to make a difference, we all know why we’re motivated to be our best here. Our people find purpose and pride in being part of Telstra because we support the things that matter most. 

What is your why?

Telstra employees explain why they choose to work at Telstra.


FOOTAGE: We open on a series of locations Telstra workers are conducting their jobs; a Telstra store, an office space, a communications tower, at home and in a workshop.

NARRATOR: We're really proud to be the place you want to work. So we asked, what makes you enjoy being part of the team?

FOOTAGE: Lachlan talks to us from the front of a Telstra store while working alongside other staff members in the store.

LACHLAN: One of the greatest things about working at a Telstra store is my team. We're all super motivated and engaged and it just doesn't feel like work.

FOOTAGE: Nic talks from a communal space within a Telstra office. They talk on the phone and collaborate with other staff members in the space.

NIC: I always said if I stopped having fun solving complex problems or meeting really cool people, it would be time to call time on working for Telstra. And that hasn't happened yet.

FOOTAGE: Mick talks from in front of a Telstra service boat, they drive the boat to a location to conduct service work.

MICK: Getting out on a boat is what some people do to relax. It's what I do for work, and I enjoy it.

FOOTAGE: Colin talks from a home office desk.

COLIN: I personally was blown away with the amount of support that my manager was actually able to give me during, what really was the darkest time with my anxiety and depression. They gave me space, and the extra leave that I had really helped me heal. It let me come back to work very motivated.

FOOTAGE: Lynne talks from a Telstra office and is shown communing with staff in the office space.

LYNNE: I love seeing our people get rewarded and recognised because it's my job to help make that happen. The culture we have here at Telstra is second to none.

FOOTAGE: Amala is seated in a Telstra office.

AMALA: Telstra has been open right from the start, and they've been really interested in building an inclusive place and they've done that. You feel you have everyone around you, and you don't have to feel alone anytime.

FOOTAGE: Mark talks while seated in their home backyard and plays with their child around the house.

MARK: The fact that Telstra has policies in place is one thing, but the fact that we have a culture that not only enables people to do things but encourages people to put their family first was truly a life changing experience for us.

FOOTAGE: A series of Telstra workers conduct their jobs and daily life tasks; collaborating in an office space, changing their child’s nappy, working on site, working at home with a cat on their lap, conducting a video call, preparing to climb a network tower and talking to a customer.

NARRATOR: We all have a 'Why'. And as a team we shape the great work experience that Telstra is known for.

FOOTAGE: Amala stands smiling in her office space.

AMALA: A great support system is why I love working at Telstra.

FOOTAGE: Caitlin talks from a home office.

CAITLIN: Creating advocates for Telstra is why I work for Telstra.

FOOTAGE: James stands behind his home office, his daughter sits in the background waving at the camera.

JAMES: The flexibility to be able to choose to work from home and enjoy doing that, and to be able to look after my sick daughter is why I work at Telstra.

FOOTAGE: Lynette sits in a car while talking to the camera.

LYNETTE: The culture, team collaboration and the incredible people doing work that matters is why I work at Telstra.

FOOTAGE: Mick talks in front of a Telstra service boat.

MICK: Working from anywhere is why I work for Telstra.

FOOTAGE: Nic talks from an office space.

NIC: New and exciting challenges is why I work at Telstra.

FOOTAGE: Mark draws with their child at a coffee table.

MARK: My family is why I work at Telstra.

FOOTAGE: Lynne talks from a Telstra office space.

LYNNE: Feeling appreciated is why I work at Telstra.

FOOTAGE: Lachlan stands at the front of a Telstra store and points back to their team working in the background.

LACHLAN: This great team is why I work at Telstra.

FOOTAGE: Colin speaks from a home office.

COLIN: Feeling genuinely cared for is why I work for Telstra.

FOOTAGE: Telstra logo graphic transitions to close the video.


Benefits to support you and your family


Hybrid working options as well as a choice in how and when you take leave (parental, cultural, unpaid or purchasing additional leave).

16 weeks full pay
16 weeks full pay

Parental leave

A truly gender equal policy for all parent/s, plus receive superannuation contributions for both paid/unpaid parental leave.

Salary packaging

Options for devices, super and leave.

Pay for Performance

We will recognise your outstanding contribution through our competitive incentive programs. 

Unlimited learning

Access 17,000 learning programs to level up on capabilities and develop, plus ‘learn on the job’ opportunities to achieve university credits.

Global careers

With a presence in 22 countries, you can work wherever we do business.

There when life happens

From Gender Affirmation Leave to a Telstra Additional Day, we give you time to spend away from work when you need it most.

Make a difference

Be part of a company that supports tech for good and gives back to the community through our annual paid volunteer days.

Diversity and inclusion

Receive accessibility adjustments as needed, participate in community and internal events that support LGBTQ+ and other diverse groups.

Extra perks

30% discounts on Telstra products and services as well as generous discounts from over 240 suppliers, including partner offers that are exclusive to Telstra employees.

Benefits your way

Access coaching, resources and support that support optimal health and wellbeing.

What to expect at Telstra

Flexibility and choice

Flexibility applies to every kind of role at Telstra. We're driving new ways of working, and giving you more choice in how you work. It's not where you are, it's what you do. 

Our Vision and Values

We believe it's people who give purpose to our Technology. So we're committed to staying close to our customers and providing them the best experience, and delivering the best tech. 

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

At Telstra, we've created an inclusive environment where talented people with a broad range of skills, experience, beliefs and backgrounds can all thrive. 


We know you expect more from a company than just a place to work. We want to do the right thing by our people, customers, communities and environment. 

Rewards and Benefits

When it comes to rewarding our people, we've got a few things to be excited about. If you love to be rewarded, you'll be excited by the scale of offers when you come on board with us. 

What will your 'why' be?

Whether it’s rewarding career opportunities, an amazing work-life balance or being able to make a difference, you can discover why Telstra is a great place to work.