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September 28, 2021

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Since 2018, ransomware has moved from ‘spray and pray’ tactics to campaigns targeting individuals and specific industries. Digital footprint and social media research has helped cyber criminals identify individual employees or departments working within target companies they intend to attack. This mining of personal information has also been used to gain access to password-protected accounts. 

There are now more than 15 billion stolen account credentials circulating on the dark web, including personal information, stolen usernames and passwords, either available for sale or freely shared on hacker forums. Organisations need to know whether their user credentials have been exposed by past breaches so that they can prevent their unauthorised use.

Telstra offers a simple assessment to identify any compromised accounts related to your business and to help protect against new breaches.

What is the Leaked Credential Assessment?

The Leaked Credential Assessment alerts businesses to the domain, IP, and email addresses that have been leaked on the Dark Web. It aims to not only provide high-level corrective steps your organisation can take but also help drive internal business discussions around cyber safety and culture more generally.

How does it work?

The Assessment requires particular domain names to check. Once provided, results are generally available within one business day. A further discussion is available with one of our cyber security experts to discuss the findings and how to mitigate any risk to the business.


This assessment is complimentary to Telstra customers.

Customer Benefits

  • Actionable Report: A summary of which credentials are leaked and key corrective actions
  • Simple: Ideal for small to mid-sized organisations
  • Local.: Access to local security expertise
  • Cost Effective: A free assessment available to Telstra customers

Things to Know

  • Offer is available from 1 August 2020 – 30 June 2022.
  • Package available to Telstra domestic customers only.

Leaked Credential Assessment

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