Denial of Service Protection

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Have the confidence to manage unwanted attacks against your websites in Australia and overseas with our Denial of Service Protection solution.


Help your business stay online

Protect your organisation from internet attacks known as Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) - which can deliberately cause downtime to internet services and impact productivity, customer trust and satisfaction, and cause financial loss.

Organizations operate in a digital world where cyber security threats are becoming more sophisticated. In particular, distributed denial of service, or DDoS attacks, are one of the most prevalent threats to business today.

According to NetScout’s latest threat intelligence report, 5.4 million DDoS attacks were launched in the first half of 2021, an 11% increase over the same period the year before, with both the size speed and sophistication of attacks also increasing. The expectation is that 2021 will be a record-breaking year for all the wrong reasons, threatening organizations large and small across multiple industries.

Source: NETSCOUT Threat Intelligence Report, 1H 2021

So what is a DDoS attack? In a nutshell, DDoS attacks are designed to take your business offline. Using compromised computers or servers across the internet, attackers send an overwhelming volume of traffic towards a target, and if it happens to be your website or server it's a problem. As your server is flooded with traffic, it grinds to a halt. Your customers and partners can't get a foot in the door. What they'll see is a slow or unresponsive website. This is denial of service. DDoS attacks can be part of an extortion threat, or politically motivated. Perhaps it's just for annoyance, or vandalism. Whatever the motivation, when your website is closed for business, it can result in significant reputational and financial damage. That's where Telstra DDoS can help.

Telstra Denial of Service Protection gives you the confidence to help manage DDoS attacks targeting your critical online assets and websites. Using DDoS threat intelligence and automation, when a DDoS attack is detected, our security operations centre will quickly assess the threat. They'll then contact you to discuss the threat and its potential impact and make a decision in consultation with you to begin mitigating the attack.

Depending on a pre-agreed plan you'll also have the option for mitigation to happen automatically. Telstra then directs the traffic to one of our global cleaning centres, surgically removing the attack traffic and delivering legitimate traffic to where it's supposed to go. The result, your business can stay online, and the attack is neutralized.


Why Telstra?

Telstra’s denial of service protection has been built with 24/7 global protection in mind. A key feature of Telstra’s DDoS solution is the global presence of these cleaning centres, which allow the DDoS platform to help mitigate a DDoS attack closer to its source. Locally, DDoS alerts are monitored 24/7 by a dedicated team of cyber security analysts within our t4 certified security operations centres based in Australia. And there's no need to purchase, deploy, or install any additional hardware. Also, no need to hire specialist security staff, Telstra DDoS fills those gaps, in fact, Telstra has been protecting customers in high-risk sectors from DDoS attacks including finance, and state and federal government for more than a decade.

For additional peace of mind, it is combined with the global DDoS threat intelligence and power of NetScout Arbor, one of the world's leading DDoS attack protection solutions. Help avoid the costs to your bottom line, or to your customers trust as a result of a DDoS attack.

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Key features

Fast-action protection

We measure traffic on your network infrastructure and send statistics to centralised collectors to identify a pattern characteristic of DDoS attacks.

Targeted protection

If an attack is spotted, we redirect traffic to a cleaning centre, which filters based on source, destination, protocol applications and baseline information.

Customer portal

Monitor and protect your business globally from a single portal.

Flexible mitigation options

Choose how attacks are mitigated: Telstra-initiated, customer-initiated or automatic.

Customised solutions

Choose from two packages: Premium for mission-critical internet requirements or, Standard for daily internet use but not for vital operations.



Attacks are filtered before they reach your critical online assets and websites.

Financial protection

Avoid the costs to your bottom line or to your customers’ trust as a result of a DDoS attack.


Protection against DDoS attacks without the need to purchase, deploy or install any additional hardware or hire specialist security staff.

Greater control

Our customer portal gives you the ability to instigate protection and access data on specific attacks and overall attack activity.

Global coverage

We own, manage and operate a global platform of traffic cleaning centres located at major international locations.

Managed security integration

The solution can be integrated with Telstra Managed Security Services to provide enhanced monitoring of your infrastructure.


Why Telstra

Comprehensive security solutions

From denial-of-service protection, managed firewall, and internet protection, we have a range of solutions to help keep your organisation secure.

Access to trusted expertise

Work with Telstra’s team of more than 500 skilled data scientists, DevOps, business and security analysts to help secure your business.

Simplifying security management

We make securing your business easy with a bundled range of products, licenses and service features in a range of flexible commercial offerings, so you get the security you want at the right price.

Getting started

Getting started

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