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A simple, affordable and industry-proven path to achieving Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)


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Combining Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) and network security into a single cloud-based offering, Adapt S1 is a modern and secure software-defined network architecture to protect against the latest threats and to provide more agility to the business. With cloud-based security at the forefront, Adapt S1 provides secure access to applications regardless of where staff are working, as long as they have internet connectivity to reach the corporate network.

As an Australian mid-sized business, your current ICT infrastructure might not be where you need it. Your wide area network may be too old, inflexible, and too expensive to maintain, hindering your business from expanding and keeping up with an ever-changing market.

Can you see what's happening in your WAN to ensure that it's secure, flexible, and performs better to your needs?

Introducing Adapt S1, an innovative secure by design software defined WAN in one simple standard package. Its cloud delivered, cost efficient, and will bring the expertise you need to get it up and running.

What are the benefits of Adapt S1? Your sites stay up when other links go down without interrupting important video calls thanks to the built-in capability to use the Telstra mobile network without extra mobile data charges. Your people can get on with work and stay productive because SD-WAN technologies ensure that applications perform as they should.

Looking after your network has never been easier. You can check the network vitals with your Telstra partner the way you want to, which frees up your it teams to focus on higher value work. It's much easier to grow your network as your business does without the fear of opening your business up to risks thanks to the built-in cloud security.

Adapt S1 also helps simplify your cyber security compliance, enabling you to stay on top of threats without needing specialized resources. Hassle-free deployment means that we've already done the heavy lifting so you

don't have to. Adapt S1 is built into our core network and delivered as a service using best of breed technologies like vmware SD-WAN and paloalto network's prisma access. Plus you'll get the bonus of a modern secure network architecture aligned with SASE.

It also provides an easier migration path and minimizes transition risks if you have a Telstra MPLS network and other Telstra services thanks to our sd-wan gateways. So you can seamlessly connect your existing network services or operate a hybrid network.

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Key features

Combining SD-WAN, cloud security technology and the Telstra Mobile Network, Adapt S1 is integrated into Telstra’s core network utilising Australia-wide SD-WAN Gateways - for better performance and an easier migration path from your existing networking solution into a new, secure and available Telstra SD-WAN Adaptive Network.

SD-WAN Service by VMware SD-WAN

Deliver great UX and better application performance through SD-WAN with your choice of Telstra carriage service*.

A single point of contact

A Telstra-accredited partner will be your single point of contact for the Adapt S1 service to support you, when and how you need it.

Integrated and ready to go

Integrated into Telstra's core network for advanced uptime and reduced risk in migrating from Telstra MPLS to a new SD-WAN Adaptive Network.

Cloud based security by Palo Alto Networks

Secure your staff working in the office or remotely with internet connectivity to the corporate network. Adapt against emerging threats with a cloud-based security, including a Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW).

Telstra LTE 4G Rapid Activation & Back-up

Telstra Mobile Network Rapid activation and Backup: Rapidly activate new sites on Telstra Mobile Network and experience fast-acting failover redundancy on mobile so that smaller sites stay up.

Application and security visibility

Drill down and see what applications are contributing to network traffic usage and view security policies.


Expand your network quickly and securely, wherever staff are working

Rapidly deploy security policies from cloud to branch without the need for cumbersome physical firewall appliances, and with Telstra 4G rapid activation, have small sites and offices up and running in an efficient way. Staff don’t have to be in the office – you can have staff working remotely with secure network access wherever there is internet connectivity to the corporate network

Deliver a better end-user experience

Adapt S1 offers better application performance through SD-WAN technology, enabling you to utilise bandwidth more efficiently. With traffic prioritisation across multiple fixed or wireless links and faster and more resilient paths to public clouds through Telstra’s core network, this ensures your critical applications (whether they are located in private cloud as SaaS or in-house in a private data centre) are prioritised so that your staff can get their jobs done.

Simplify the cyber security compliance requirements

Industry-standard security technologies built in Adapt S1 including NGFW giving mid-sized organisations a modern secure network architecture that aligns with SASE in a simple, cloud delivered model. This may help you simplify your compliance requirements to protect your critical asset, data and safeguard the organisation from emerging cyber security threats.

Stay on top of cyber threats and reduce maintenance costs

Moving from a hardware-centric to a cloud-centric security model means you eliminate the operational cost of maintaining on-premise firewalls or buying and maintaining dedicated hardware. Have peace of mind that you have access to latest updates, threat definitions and firmware as part of Adapt S1 delivered via the cloud.

Do more security with less

Adapt S1 integrates multiple network and security components (NextGen Firewall, Threat Prevention, Secure Web Gateway, DNS Security) reducing the complexity of managing multiple third-party solutions and making it significantly easier to monitor suspicious activity and reducing threat vectors.

Consistent data protection everywhere

Cloud-based security enables you to apply and enforce consistent security policies across all locations and users, whether they are working in the office, or from home as long as they have internet connectivity to the corporate network. Adapt S1 protects threat vectors equally without dependency on premise based or individually hosted firewalls.

Hassle-free deployment and flexible migration

We’ve already done most of the work for you so you don’t have to. We have integrated the network and security components in Adapt S1 to align to SASE, making it more affordable for mid-sized organisations. We’ve also built SD-WAN network gateways into our core network with redundancy, to support a simplified, hybrid SD-WAN / MPLS architecture. This architecture allows an easier migration path from traditional MPLS networks into a new, secure and available Adaptive Network.

No longer in the dark

From the beginning of your journey with us to operating on a new Telstra SD-WAN Adaptive Network, the Telstra-accredited partner will be there with you. From ordering to activating and supporting you, with granular network and application visibility via tools and solution platforms, it becomes easier to communicate and triage any issues with transparency at the level you procure with us.

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Things you need to know

* Adapt S1 does not include Telstra primary carriage service. You must either have an existing compatible primary carriage connective service with us or activate the service under a separate order and agreement. Limitations will apply to the Adapt S1 service if you choose any third party carriage or third party services that are connected to your SD-WAN network or services. Please refer to the Service Terms for further detail. 

Please refer to your Application Form (including the Service Terms) for further details. If there is any inconsistency between the Application Form and the information set out in this page, the Application Form prevails to the extent of inconsistency.