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The changing nature of the workplace has significantly altered the risks to your business.

And it’s not just big business. The latest Telstra Security report confirmed that smaller companies are in no way immune to the same security threats faced by larger organisations. With a smaller brand presence to weather the reputational storm and higher dependence on fewer revenue streams, the impact of a cyber security incident on mid-sized businesses can be devastating.

From a simple firewall solution to managed security services, and everything in between, we’ve got you covered.

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Package 1: Firewall protection for my business

Help protect your network with a cutting edge firewall that aims to only allow traffic from authorised sources and destinations.

Product inclusion: Managed Next Generation Firewall

From $350 per month

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Package 2: Security essentials for midmarket

Secure email and web access for small-mid-sized business.

Product inclusions: Telstra Internet Protection Web + Mail (Firstwave)

From $520 per month

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Package 3: How secure am I?

Cost effective assessment and guidance on level of security and risk for the customer.

Product Inclusions: Telstra Internet Protection Web + Mail (Firstwave) + 40 hours of Purple or Partner Cyber Security Advisory Service

From $1,900 per month

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Package 4: How do I do it better?

For companies that have been impacted or are concerned with significant business and reputational damage from DDoS attacks.

Product inclusions: Telstra Denial of Service Protection

From $5,000 per month

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Package 5: Can you please manage this for me?

Security Monitoring and Incident Response for customers, fully managed by Telstra.

Special Offer: Purchase Security Monitoring for at least 12 months and receive your first year of Incident Response retainer for free (save $27,000 in the first year)

From $6,250 per month

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Check your cyber readiness

Leaked credential assessment

A complimentary report on domain, IP, and email addresses that have been leaked on the Dark Web.

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Breach and Attack Simulation

Tests and reports on an organisation’s security controls against the 61 Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) most commonly used to target Australian organisations.

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Forestry Corporation of NSW: Securing critical business information

See how the Forestry Corporation of NSW protects critical information with Telstra Internet Protection.