Telstra how-to-guides 

Helping you interact with Telstra digitally

Simple instructions to help you create a Telstra ID, download and use the My Telstra app and how to pay online.

What is a Telstra ID?

Your Telstra ID is the username and password you use to access Telstra services:

  • My Telstra in app or in a browser
  • Telstra TV

When you sign in with your Telstra ID, it’s quick and simple to manage your services, pay bills and get help.

If you’ve already used the My Telstra app, or managed your services in My Telstra in a browser, you may already have a Telstra ID. Don’t worry if you’ve forgotten your Telstra ID, you can easily recover it.

I know my Telstra ID

Great! You’re ready to sign into My Telstra with your Telstra ID to access your services.

I don’t know my Telstra ID

Forgotten your Telstra ID? Don’t worry, you can recover your username and password by telling us your name and account or phone number.

I need a new Telstra ID

If you're a Telstra customer and you don't have a Telstra ID, you can easily create one.

What is the My Telstra app?

The My Telstra app is our new and improved app that makes it easier to view services, bills and make payments. Get the help you need without the wait and much more, all from your mobile phone or tablet.

  1. Download

  2. Open the app

  3. Sign in

  4. Get started


Alternatively, you can visit the My Telstra page and follow the prompts to download the app. 

How to pay online

You can pay online by any of the following ways:



Pay with direct debit

Direct debit is an automatic payment that helps you avoid late payment fees. The payment is set up to occur regularly (when your bill is due) from a nominated credit/debit card or bank account. 

You can set up, cancel or manage your direct debit in My Telstra in app or in a browser.

What is My Telstra Messaging?

Messaging allows you to communicate directly with a human expert – type a message in the app and our expert will reply. You won’t need to wait online for an answer. You'll get a notification when we’ve replied. 

You can learn more about messaging at My Telstra Messaging

Screenshot of Get help screen in My Telstra app Messaging panel reads Give us your feedback. Your feedback is valuable and helps us improve our services.

Step 1

Open the My Telstra app. Select ‘Get help’ from the navigation tab bar and choose the blue ‘Message us’ icon. Alternatively, scroll down to ‘Contact us’ and select ‘Message us’.

Screenshot showing sample conversation with virtual assistant. Telstra says Hi Ash! I'm Telstra Assistant - a bot here to help. Customer response says Hello. Virtual assistant replys with How can I help you today? If I can't give you the right answer, I'll connect you with a human expert.

Step 2

Telstra Assistant is here to help. Let us know what your query is and Telstra Assistant will get some answers to you right away. 

Screenshot of messaging panel showing Telstra agent example response, reads Hello Ash, thanks for your message. How’s it going? I appreciate you bringing this matter to our attention today. Let me get into your account and help resolve this issue for you

Step 3

If you need more help, Telstra Assistant will connect you with a human expert. Let us know if you’d like to speak to a human and we’ll get you through to someone as soon as possible. 

Screenshot showing message notification in the My Telstra app

Step 4

You don't have to wait around - you can close the app and one of our experts will respond to you as soon as they can. Make sure you've got push notifications on, so you'll know when they reply.