How to message us

1. Download or open the app

On your device, open or download the My Telstra app.

2. Get help

Tap the ‘Get help’ tab, then the blue message icon.

3. Send your message

Send us your questions and you’ll get a notification on your phone when we’ve replied.

What can messaging help me with?

Our messaging teams and virtual assistant, Codi can help with questions about your bill or account and resolve faults with your service. You can also lodge and handle complaints. And, when you sign in to the app with your Telstra ID, the conversation history is always there.

Who is Codi?

Codi is our virtual assistant who can help with a range of questions about your Telstra account. Once you’ve sent your message, Codi will greet you and help answer your question. If Codi can’t help, you’ll be handed over to someone who can.

Frequently asked questions