My Telstra Messaging

Get in touch the easy way

Find help, manage payments, or connect to an expert when you message us in My Telstra app.

How it works

  1. Open My Telstra app

  2. Ask Telstra Assistant

  3. Get on with your day

Service at your fingertips

Ask us anything

Get help with payments, accounts, your service, faults, and complaints quickly and easily, without needing to call or visit a store.

Save your conversations

Sign in with your Telstra ID at the start of your conversation and your messaging history will be saved. Then, pick it up again later on your compatible mobile or home PC.

Message us anytime

The Telstra Assistant bot is there to help, 24/7. Message us to start a conversation or get connected to an expert as quickly as possible.

Make it easy with My Telstra app

Download My Telstra app for our best messaging experience. Sign in with your Telstra ID so our experts will know who you are and your conversation history will be saved.

Not a Telstra customer?

One of our friendly experts can help you with any general enquiries.

Frequently asked questions

Download instructions

  1. Open the App Store (for Apple users) or the Google Play (for Android users)
  2. Search for My Telstra and select install
  3. When the End User Terms appear, select Accept to start download
  4. Good to know: around 50MB (Android) or 100MB (iOS) of data will be used. Connect to Wi-Fi if you'd prefer not to use your mobile data.
  5. Once it’s finished installing, select Open, or find the My Telstra icon on your screen to launch the app
I am currently using the Telstra 24x7 app. Do I need to do anything?

Existing Telstra 24x7 users will need to manually upgrade their app by searching My Telstra in their app store, then tapping update.

There’s no need to wait around - send us a message whenever you like, and you’ll get a notification when we’ve replied.

The conversation picks up from where you left off, so you’ll never have to repeat yourself and you can also respond in your own time.

Sign in to My Telstra or My Telstra app and your sessions will be saved, and you can continue the same conversation across different devices.

Message us on My Telstra app 24 hours a day for a range of self-serve options including billing, accounts, servicing, faults and more.

Get help to solve it yourself, or we’ll connect you to a human as soon as possible so you don’t need to call or visit a store.

Sign in with your Telstra ID so our expert will have all of your account details and your conversation will be saved.

If you’ve messaged after hours, they’ll respond as soon as they can. There’s no need to message again about the same issue.

Almost all of our messaging teams are online 24/7, so get in touch anytime and Telstra Assistant will either help you straight away or connect you with one of our experts.

If you need help from one of our teams who aren't 24/7, message us on My Telstra app with some of the details and they'll respond when they're back online.

If you’re messaging with us on My Telstra app, we’ll send a push notification to your phone when we’ve replied. Find out how to enable push notifications.

Sign in to My Telstra app so your messaging conversations are saved for longer. Need help to sign in to My Telstra? Find out more about managing your account.

Your privacy and security matter to us.

When you’ve signed in, your messaging history will be saved, including dollar amounts and Order IDs.

But, at the end of each conversation, these key details are permanently deleted from the transcript:

  • Bank account and credit card numbers
  • Dates, including dates of birth and credit card expiry dates

We’ve done this to help protect you and your data from scammers and cybercrime.

Questions? Find out more about our privacy policies or credit information.  

Two-step verification is an extra step when you’re signing in to your account. We use it to give you stronger security and to help stop scammers from targeting you.

To access your account with two-step verification, you need to enter your username, password, and:

  • Biometrics (like thumbprint or Face ID) or a Telstra PIN on mobile
  • a one-time code

Questions? Find out more about cyber security and safety.

Download and install My Telstra app on any iPhone, iPad or Android phone with:

  • Apple iOS 11 or later
  • Android 5.1 or later

My Telstra app isn’t compatible with Windows and Blackberry phones.