Can I put my SIM into another device?

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    It depends on the plan you’re on. On some plans, our SIM cards are protected by a SIM swap restriction. This means you can’t move the SIM card on those plans from your tablet into a mobile phone and still access data.

    Plans you can SIM swap on:

    • All Pre-Paid plans
    • $40 Data Share SIM plan
    • All post-paid mobile plans

    Plans you can’t SIM swap on:

    • Post-paid data and tablet plans
    • Post-paid data plans
    • Post-paid Data Share plans

    If your plan includes voice, SMS or MMS, and allows SIM swap, you’ll still be able to access these in any compatible device.

    If you need to use your handset to access data, we recommend a post-paid mobile plan with a mobile data allowance, or any Pre-Paid plan. These are exempt from SIM swap restrictions.

    Frequently asked questions

    SIM cards come in three different sizes; the size you require depends on your phone. The three sizes are standard, micro and nano.

    Diagram illustrating a standard sim card


    The most common and largest of the three sizes. Commonly used in earlier smartphones and basic phones (e.g. Telstra Flip/T96/Easy Call/Cruise, iPhone 3G/3GS, Galaxy S2)

    Diagram illustrating a micro sim card


    Used in slightly older generation devices, and many of the mid-range smartphones (e.g. Galaxy S4/S5/J1/J3, Note 4, iPhone 4, LG G4). This is the mid-sized SIM card 

    Diagram illustrating a nano sim card


    Used in most current and later generation major smartphones (e.g. iPhone 5, Galaxy S6, Xperia Z3, LG G5 and later). This is the smallest of the three sizes

    Most new SIM cards are multi-fit and can be used for all three sizes, by popping out the size for your device. It’s sometimes a good idea to keep the other pieces you pop out as you may use them in the future if you need to use your SIM card in an alternative device.


    You shouldn’t cut a SIM card down in size. If you do so and it causes damage to your device, it may cause your device warranty to be voided. It may also cause the SIM card itself to fail.

    You must meet certain criteria to request a replacement SIM online. In the last three months, have you:

    • Signed up as a new Telstra customer?
    • Changed your billing or email address?
    • Requested two or more replacement SIMs for this number?

    If you answered "yes" to one or more of the above, we'll need a few more details before you can request a replacement SIM. Contact us and we'll help you with your request.

    If you do meet these criteria, you can request a replacement SIM online by the My Telstra app or My Telstra in a browser.

    Sign in to My Telstra and go to Services. Request a replacement SIM for your mobile service. 

    Once your request is approved, we'll send a replacement SIM to your current billing address.


    If you choose to self-activate your new SIM card online, you’ll be allocated a new number. If you want to retain your number, contact us once you've received the new SIM and we'll transfer your number across.

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