It depends on the plan you’re on. On some plans, our SIM cards are protected by a SIM swap restriction. This means you can’t move the SIM card on those plans from your tablet into a mobile phone and still access data.


Plans you can SIM Swap on:

  • All Pre-Paid plans
  • $40 Data Share SIM plan
  • All post-paid mobile plans


Plans you can’t SIM swap on:

  • Post-paid data and tablet plans
  • Post-paid data plans
  • Post-paid Data Share plans


If your plan includes voice, SMS or MMS, and allows SIM swap, you’ll still be able to access these in any compatible device.

If you need to use your handset to access data, we recommend a post-paid mobile plan with a mobile data allowance, or any Pre-Paid plan. These are exempt from SIM swap restrictions.



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