How do I activate my post-paid SIM card?

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    What plan do you have?

    Upfront plan

    If you’re on a month-to-month plan and pay upfront each month using AutoPay, you have an Upfront plan.

    Non-Upfront plan

    If you’re on a month-to-month plan and pay later via a monthly bill, then you don’t have an Upfront plan.

    Pre-Paid plan

    If you pay to recharge your service, you have a Pre-Paid plan, go to How do I activate my Pre-Paid service?

    Which describes your situation?

    For post-paid plans, choose the statement that best describes your situation to check if your SIM card is already activated and ready to go, or if you need to activate it.

    Your SIM card should auto-activate. Allow 4 hours for the SIM card to be activated once delivery is confirmed.

    Insert your new SIM card into your device. If your SIM card doesn’t activate within 4 hours, restart your phone.

    Your SIM card needs to be activated through the My Telstra app. Your service will automatically be activated after 7 days once delivery has been confirmed.

    If you don’t want to activate before this time, you can continue using your existing SIM card until your Telstra SIM card is active.

    To activate your SIM:

    Sign in to My Telstra and go to Get help. Select your order to activate the SIM.

    Sign in to My Telstra and go to Get help. Select your order to activate the SIM. 

    Call 13 22 00 to activate your replacement SIM. SIM replacements cannot be activated by our Messaging teams.

    Your SIM card is already activated so you don’t need a new SIM card. 

    Learn more about eSIM and how to get connected.

    Other questions about your post-paid SIM

    You’ll find your order number on the email we sent you. Your online order number is also in the welcome letter that came with your parcel.

    We’ll send you an email as soon as your SIM card is activated.

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