Use my phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot

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    You can share your phone’s internet connection with other devices via Wi-Fi. This is a great alternative when you might not have access to your home internet. Standard usage charges apply.

    Activating Wi-Fi hotspot

    1. Open Settings
    2. Select Personal Hotspot
    3. Turn on Allow Others to Join
    4. Enter your preferred password for the personal hotspot and select Done
    5. Return to the home screen
    1. Open Settings
    2. Select Network and Internet
    3. Go to Hotspot and tethering 
    4. Select Wi-Fi hotspot and turn it on
    5. Change the Hotspot name and Hotspot password and save. You can rename these anything you want
    6. Return to the home screen

    Connecting your devices

    1. Turn on Wi-Fi on the other device
    2. Find the list of available Wi-Fi networks and select your own Wi-Fi hotspot
    3. Key in the password for your Wi-Fi hotspot when prompted
    4. When the connection is established, you can access the internet from the other device

    Good to know: The number of devices connected to the Wi-Fi hotspot will impact the internet speed you get on your connected devices.

    Visit device guides if you need more help setting this up: 

    1. Select your device from the list 
    2. Select Data & Wireless from the Help me with: navigation bar 
    3. Under Wi-Fi, select Use your phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot for step-by-step instructions 

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