Yes, you can change your Telstra mobile number by contacting us. We’ll provide you with a list of new numbers to choose from.

 If you want something easy to remember, consider getting a premium number which uses repeated digits, pairs and triplets. You can choose from our gold or silver range of premium numbers at varying cost.  

Gold premium numbers – $400 Silver premium numbers – $200
Same number

Six of the same

e.g: 999 999

Five of the same

e.g: 999 991

Numbers in sequence

Six in sequence

e.g: 234 567

Five in sequence

e.g: 234 561

Triple sets

Two identical triplets

e.g: 350 350


Double triplets

e.g: 333 555

Identical pairs

e.g: 004 008


Triple + sequence

e.g: 111 123


Mirror image

e.g: 350 053

Number pairs

Three identical pairs

e.g: 12 12 12

Three pairs

e.g: 11 88 55


Three pair series

e.g: 12 13 14

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