Yes, you can change your Telstra mobile number by contacting us. We’ll provide you with a list of new numbers to choose from.

 If you want something easy to remember, consider getting a premium number which uses repeated digits, pairs and triplets. You can choose from our gold or silver range of premium numbers at varying costs.  



Numbers in sequence Gold premium numbers – $400 Silver premium numbers – $200
Same number e.g: 999 999
Five of the same
e.g: 999 991
Numbers in sequence Six in sequence
e.g: 234 567
Five in sequence
e.g: 234 561
Triple sets Two identical triplets
e.g: 350 350
Double triplets
e.g: 333 555
Identical pairs
e.g: 004 008
Triple + sequence
e.g: 111 123
Mirror image
e.g: 350 053
Number pairs Three identical pairs
e.g: 12 12 12
Three pairs
e.g: 11 88 55
Three pair series
e.g: 12 13 14

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