How do I set up and manage Internet Optimiser?

Learn how to set up and manage Internet Optimiser to prioritise your important internet traffic. For more detailed information on using all of Internet Optimiser’s features, see our Internet Optimiser User Guide (PDF, 1.1MB)

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    Adding Internet Optimiser to your service

    Sign in to My Telstra and go to Services. Choose your internet service and select Extras.

    Note: Internet Optimiser will only be available to add if you use an eligible internet type with a compatible Telstra Smart Modem.

    You'll receive an email notification when it has been activated on your service, usually within 5 minutes. 


    Getting started

    1. On a PC or your mobile device visit your Smart Modem interface by entering http://mymodem/ or in your browser
    2. Sign in with your Smart Modem username and password. Unless you’ve changed these from default, they can be found at the base of your modem
    3. Follow the five steps of the one time setup wizard. Normal Smart Modem settings like Wi-Fi network details are available after completing the setup wizard.

    If you’ve changed and forgotten your Smart Modem credentials, you can factory reset your modem to reset them. A factory reset will set all your modem settings to default, including your Wi-Fi name (SSID) and password.

    Frequently asked questions

    To give priority to gaming or working from home, see How do I use Internet Optimiser to prioritise my gaming or work?

    To give a temporary priority to a specific activity, from the Internet Optimiser dashboard of your modem:

    1. Select Priority Boost from the menu
    2. Choose the activity from the app category list
    3. Set the length of the temporary priority – up to three hours.

    Internet Optimiser will return to normal priorities when the time expires.

    When signed in to your modem, select Network Monitor from the Internet Optimiser dashboard menu. This shows the last 30 seconds of internet use. It lists connected devices in order of usage and you can swap between Download and Upload views.

    When signed in to your modem, from the Internet Optimiser dashboard in My Telstra, select Device Manager from the Internet Optimiser dashboard menu. This shows devices you’ve connected and names them where it can. If it can’t find a name for a device, it will show “unnamed device”. And if you can’t find a device in the list, use the IP address reported by your device to identify it.

    You can rename devices and change their type from the Device Settings screen. Device names are used throughout Internet Optimiser, in the Network Monitor and other settings screens.

    From the Internet Optimiser dashboard of My Telstra.

    1. Select Network Rules from the menu
    2. Start the tour for a quick walk through of the Network Rules feature screen
    3. To create new rule for a device, select Add Rule and choose a useful name for it
    4. Select the device(s) from the list this rule will apply to and click Next
    5. Select a Target for the rule to apply to. All Traffic is the most reliable type of rule for turning off the internet on children’s devices
    6. Select the times of day for the rule to enforced. When making a rule that blocks usage, the times it will be enforced are shown in pink and the times that it will not are shown in grey.

    When the rule is being enforced, you’ will see items logged in the Event Capture screen.

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