What content uses the most data?

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    Not all content uses the same amount of data. Things like streaming music and videos or video calling use a lot more data than sending emails and browsing the internet.

    To help you understand this better, here's a rough guide on how much data is used by different types of content.

    Content Estimated data usage per hour

    Basic internet browsing

    Using email, Google search, reading the news, checking the weather

    10-50 MB 

    Streaming audio content

    Spotify, iTunes, Google Play

    • Low-quality: 25MB – 50MB 
    • Medium-quality: 50MB – 100MB 
    • High-quality: 100MB –150MB 

    Streaming video Content

    Netflix, YouTube, Foxtel Now

    • Low definition (LD): 300MB
    • Standard definition (SD): 700MB
    • High Definition (HD): 3GB

    Video calling with family and friends

    FaceTime, Skype, Zoom

    • One-on-one calls standard quality: 270MB 
    • Group calls: 810MB up to 7.6GB


    Online, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox

    100MB – 1GB depending on game play

    How do I know how much data I need?

    You can try our data usage calculator to estimate how much data you might need in a month.

    How can I check how much data I have left?

    You can check how much data allowance you have and how much data you have left by signing in to your account online. 

    Telstra customers can sign in to My Telstra or use the My Telstra app on their mobile phone or tablet. 

    Tips on how to manage your data usage on your home internet

    Your home internet data plan is separate from your data plan on your mobile phone, and it usually comes with a bigger data allowance. If you don't have unlimited data, it's a good idea to protect and monitor your data usage:

    • Keep an eye on your usage throughout the month by using the available self-service tools, like My Telstra.
    • Make sure other people can't access your Wi-Fi or home network without your permission, always use a password for your Wi-Fi.  
    • Top up your home internet data allowance to avoid your speed being slowed until your next billing cycle. Telstra Upfront Internet plans have unlimited data. Fair Use Policy applies.
    • Watch for any usage alert notifications your provider may send you when you've used 50% or more of your data.
    • If you're consistently going over your data allowance, it's probably time to upgrade to a plan with a larger data allowance. Find out how you can upgrade your Telstra plan.

    How does mobile data differ from home internet data?

    Home internet data is separate from mobile data. Your home internet data plan usually includes a lot more data and can even be unlimited depending on the plan you have.

    As mobile plans have a much smaller data allowance, it's a good idea to set up your mobile phone so it automatically connects to your home Wi-Fi network when you're at home. This will save your mobile data, so you'll have more data to use when you're away from home.

    You can also take advantage of free Wi-Fi when you're away from home. Some cafes and retail shopping centres offer free Wi-Fi. Telstra offers free Wi-Fi at specially equipped payphones during disaster events. 

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