Change my home internet plan

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    To change your home internet plan:

    1. Sign in to My Telstra
    2. Select the internet service you want to change
    3. Select View or manage your plan
    4. Select Change your plan or Change your bundle and follow the prompts.

    How long will the change take?

    If you're on an Upfront plan and pay by AutoPay:

    If you're upgrading, you can enjoy the benefits of your new plan straight away. You won't pay any additional cost for the upgrade until your next payment date, which covers the following month.

    If you're downgrading, your downgrade takes effect from your next payment date, as you've already paid for the current month in advance.

    If you're on any other plan:

    Your plan change will take effect within three business days.

    How can I check the status of my order?

    To view the status of your order, sign in to My Telstra and go to Get help.

    Do I keep my existing equipment?

    New modems are not included with plan changes, so continue using your existing equipment.

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