How do I install my new Mobile 4G Smart Antenna?

The Telstra Mobile Smart Antenna 4G extends the mobile signal for your mobile or mobile broadband devices on the Telstra mobile network.

Your Smart Antenna has two indoor units;

  • the window unit picks up a signal from outdoors and brings it inside;
  • the coverage unit amplifies the signal around your office or home.

To install your Telstra Mobile Smart Antenna 4G

If you have at least one spot indoors where you can make calls:

  • Use the Smart Antenna coverage unit to boost that signal to other areas of the building where there is no signal or the strength is low.

If you have limited or no signal inside, but do have signal outside:

  • Use the Smart Antenna window unit to connect to an external antenna and bring the signal indoors (additional charges apply for the external antenna).

Can anyone purchase a Telstra Mobile Smart Antenna?

No – we need to make sure your property is in the right area and will actually benefit from a Telstra Mobile Smart Antenna before we recommend this solution to you.

  • If you would like us to assess whether the Telstra Mobile Smart Antenna or an Outside Antenna can work for you, call 13 22 00 and say ‘coverage’.






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