How do I set up my devices on Telstra Cable?


Getting set up and connected

1. Connect your Telstra Cable Adaptor

a. Select the white coaxial cable with black pins on the ends.

b. Screw one end of the cable into the back of the Telstra Cable Adaptor.

c. Screw the other end into an available coaxial wall socket.

d. If you have Foxtel installed on the same wall socket, you’ll need to use a splitter to connect both your Foxtel box and the Telstra Cable Adaptor. (See installation diagram)


Good to know: for the best coverage, place the modem in an open, elevated area, allowing for optimal signal and Wi-Fi strength.


2. Power-up your Telstra Cable Adaptor

Insert the POWER cable into the Telstra Cable Adaptor, plug the adaptor into the wall and ensure the power point is on.

The Telstra Cable Adaptor will now turn on. Please wait for the Power light to turn solid green.


3. Connect your modem

To use your Telstra Broadband service you’ll need to connect the Telstra Smart Modem to the Telstra Cable Adaptor.

a. Pick up the cable with the RED plugs on the ends.

b. Insert one RED end into the RED LAN port on the Telstra Cable Adaptor.

c. Insert the other RED end into the RED WAN port on the Telstra Smart Modem.


4. Turn on your modem

a. Insert the POWER cable into the Telstra Smart Modem. Plug the adaptor into a power point. Make sure the power point is turned on.

b. The Telstra Smart Modem will now turn on. When the front light indicator has turned blue or green, you’re good to go. This may take a few minutes.


Please refer to the diagram below:

5. Connect your device via Wi-Fi

On the device, select the Wi-Fi name printed on your Wi-Fi fridge magnet and enter the password provided.

Good to know: Keep your Wi-Fi name and password details somewhere handy like the fridge.


6. Connect your device via cable

To connect via a cable, insert the YELLOW LAN plug into any YELLOW port on the Telstra Smart Modem. Insert the other end into your device’s network port.


Troubleshooting tips:

If you’re having trouble connecting your modem, make sure the cabling and power supply are connected correctly.

Try restarting your modem by turning it off. Wait at least 2 minutes before turning it back on.






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