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Our data packs give you extra data each month on top of your plan allowance. So whether you only need 250MB, or a massive 6GB, we've got you covered. Data packs are now available across selected mobile phone and Telstra mobile broadband plans.


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You’ve used more than 100% of your monthly data allowance, and excess data charges apply once you go over 100% (for the remainder of your current billing period). This notification does not include any data used overseas. You can view your applicable excess data rate here.

You can make changes to your data allowance by visiting My Account. If you don’t have a My Account Username and Password, you can purchase one of the Data Packs below or sign up to My Account.

Information in data notifications can be delayed by up to 48 hours. To better manage your charges and data usage we recommend these options.

Our data packs

Data hungry? We also have 10GB, 15GB and 25GB packs. Call us on 1800 676 642

If you need more data, you can buy a data pack within three easy clicks from any device using the Telstra 24x7 app or going online to My Account. Using less data than you thought? You can downgrade or cancel your data pack at the touch of a button from any device. 


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Monthly data allowance excess rates
  • Plan purchased after 11 October 2010
 Mobile Accelerate Plan & Mobile Broadband Explorer Plan  3c/MB
 No Lock In Plan, Everyday Connect Plan, Tablet Plan, TMB Freedom Plan  10c/MB
 Freedom Connect Plan  25c/MB


  • Plan purchased before 11 October 2010

Refer to our customer terms.


  • Data Pack purchased from 3 March 2014 onward



  • Data Pack purchased from 3 July 2012 to 2 March 2014


  • Data Pack purchased from 22 November 2010 to 2 July 2012
30MB ($5 Data Pack), 1GB ($10 Data Pack) & 2GB ($20 Data Pack)  25c/MB
3GB ($29 Data Pack)  15c/MB
5GB ($39 Data Pack)  10c/MB
12GB ($69 Data Pack)  5c/MB


  • Data pack purchased before 22 November 2010

Refer to our customer terms.

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Things you need to know

Your data pack includes data that is for use in Australia only and won't apply to any data you use whilst roaming overseas. Any data you use overseas will be charged at a rate of $3 per MB (charged per kB or part thereof). If you are travelling overseas and plan to use your mobile to access the internet or send email, you should contact us on 125 109 about our international data roaming packs and plans. You can remove or downgrade one data pack per month by using the Telstra 24x7 AppMy Account or by visiting My Plan Manager on your phone at