What information do we analyse?

So we can understand our customers’ needs better, we use anonymised and aggregated information to generate high-level insights into usage patterns, network performance, demographics and behavioural data. This allows us to identify which types of services are popular with which types of customers and where.


What do we share?

We only share broad, anonymised information with our business partners for research and analysis, marketing, advertising or other similar uses. We do not share our customers’ personal information, other than in accordance with our Privacy Statement. The process is carefully controlled so that the information is only used for the stated purpose, and so that individuals are not identified.

Learn more about anonymising and aggregating.


How we use location-based insights

Telstra Location Insights® uses aggregated and anonymised data insights that can be supplied to selected third parties to help them address a range of planning challenges including infrastructure, transport and tourism. The insights are disclosed in an aggregated and anonymised form and do not include any personally identifiable customer data. Consumers under the age of 18 are excluded from the insights provided.

We do not share or sell any information which identifies, or could reasonably identify, a customer with third parties as part of such initiatives, nor is it possible for a third party who receives such insights to be able to ascertain the identity of a customer based on the material provided in those insights.

We are committed to the protection and security of our customers’ personal information as outlined in Telstra’s Privacy Statement and we comply with all relevant privacy legislation.

Please complete and submit the opt-out form if you do not want your data being used for the location insights service.