How we use information for research and analytics

We may use information we hold to improve our products and services.

What information do we analyse?

Information used for research and analysis could include insights generated from our customers' usage of products and services.

This information will generally be aggregated when analysed. This means that information relating to multiple customers will be analysed at the same time so high-level insights can be generated about things like usage patterns, network performance, demographics, or behavioural data.

When analysing aggregated information, unique identifiers or individual characteristics are removed. Information that is de-identified or anonymised is no longer about identifiable individuals.

For example, we may calculate how many customers are connected to a cell tower, or the average age of customers in a post code. This could help us identify which services are popular with different cohorts of customers in certain regions.

In some cases, we may create or share insights based on personal information, but if we do it’s always in accordance with our privacy obligations.

How we use location-based insights

Telstra Location Insights® generates insights based on aggregated and anonymised information relating to use of our network by an estimation of Australians and a sample of foreign travellers using Telstra retail smartphones.

These insights may be shared with our trusted partners to help them address a range of planning challenges including infrastructure, transport, and tourism.

The insights are disclosed in an aggregated and anonymised form and do not include any personal information about identifiable individuals. Consumers under the age of 18 are excluded from the insights provided.

We're committed to the protection and security of our customers' personal information as outlined in our Privacy Statement and we comply with all relevant privacy legislation.

If you do not want aggregated insights to be generated using your information for Telstra Location Insights®, you can request to opt-out

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