What are machine learning and artificial intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence or AI is a broad term used to describe a collection of technologies able to solve problems and perform tasks without direct human involvement. AI systems based on machine learning are learning from the data that they are processing (AI Data) and from the goals humans give them.

Some applications of AI include natural language processing, image recognition and various robotics applications.

How do we use machine learning and artificial intelligence?

At Telstra, we use machine learning and AI to help us to improve the products and services we offer and deliver a better customer experience.

Using machine learning and AI can help us to understand our customers’ needs better, by taking into account a broad range of information, such as usage patterns, network performance and demographics  data. For example, we may use an AI solution to analyse a large set of data relating to the services that we provide to identify and even predict faults and issues that may impact those services, allowing for quicker rectification of those faults and issues.

We may use AI systems to make decisions about the products and services we offer specific groups of customers, including whether to extend credit to a customer or not. 

Our commitment to responsible AI

At Telstra, we have a commitment to Responsible AI. When implementing and using AI systems, we take into consideration the AI Ethics Principles developed by the Australian Government, as well as the broader human, societal and environmental impacts of those systems and the decisions they make and acting in accordance with the law in all the jurisdictions in which we operate.

Our goal is to ensure that we fully understand any potential positive and negative impacts, and possible unintended consequences, that our AI systems can have on our customers, our people, and the community in which we operate, and to seek to make those impacts positive, fair, and sustainable.

We are also committed to the protection and security of our customers’ personal information as outlined in Telstra’s Privacy Statement and we comply with all relevant privacy legislation.