Managing your cookies

Most sites use cookies to gather information, but you can choose to block or remove them from your browser.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files placed on your device when you visit a website, usually stored within your browser. They can improve your browsing experience by remembering encrypted login details, the content you're interested in, and other preferences.

Cookies also gather information while you browse, such as the amount of time you spend on each page, and relay it back to the site. Most websites use cookies, including ours and those of our trusted partners.

Your cookie preferences

You can update your browser settings to delete or 'clear' the cookies currently stored by your browser or block and disable cookies permanently.

You can also download tools to help you identify which cookies are being stored on your device and decide which to permit and block.

Removing cookies may prevent some types of digital advertising from occurring. Disabling cookies may also prevent you from using some websites that rely on cookies for their basic functionality. These strictly necessary cookies may be required to browse some websites, use their features, or access secure areas.

Telstra uses Google Analytics features to better understand the way in which you use our website, and to personalise and improve your customer experience. These include:

  • Google Signals Data Collection
  • Google Analytics Advertising
  • Ads Personalisation
  • Granular Location and Device Data Collection

For more information about Google Analytics, including how it works, and how you can opt-out, please visit the Google website.

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