Our digital advertising

We advertise on our own websites, on third party websites and across our web and mobile apps. Telstra also hosts other companies’ advertising on websites that we’ve developed, such as www.afl.com.au.

Our own advertising content falls into three broad categories:

  1. Search and social advertising These ads appear on social media and search engine sites, rather than sites run by Telstra. The ads you see are sometimes guided by information you have provided to these sites or to search engines.

  2. Display, banner and video advertising Like most news, lifestyle, sport and entertainment sites, Telstra uses display, banner and video advertising widely. They can appear anywhere on a site, for example as a banner midway through an article.

  3. Tailored advertising We also produce advertising that is tailored to the types of customers most likely to see it. This can be based on gender, age group or area of interest. Tailoring does not mean that you see more or less ads, it just alters the type of ads you may see.

    We use three kinds of tailored advertising:
    • Interest Based Profiling (across multiple sites)
      When you browse our sites and those of our third parties who we do business with, we may collect data such as the amount of time you spent on each site, the pages you viewed and the ads you engaged with.

      If you show interest in a particular topic, we may tailor advertising or content to you based on that. For example, if you browse sports stories on www.skynews.com.au, visit www.afl.com.au and then www.sportsfan.com.au, you may see ads from sporting goods brands.

      Profiling is enabled by cookies or publicly-available advertising identifiers from operating systems like iOS and Android. You can opt-in or out of these in your device or browser settings.

      We do not collect data that identifies you personally, just a basic history of sites visited.

    • Contextual Advertising (within a single site)
      Contextual advertising is tailored based on the specific site you are visiting, or specific pages you view within a site. For example, when you access the NRL app, you may see advertising from brands that want to be associated with the NRL and their fans.

      Contextual advertising does not use cookies.

    • Demographic or Audience Tailoring
      Sometimes we tailor advertising or page content based on specific demographic data about visitors to one of our sites. This may come from independent sources or internal data assets.

      For example, if we believe that customers visiting a site are aged 35-40 we may promote a high-end smartphone, while a 20-25-year-old audience may see a promotion for Pre-Paid plans.

      Many companies provide this kind of audience profiling information, which is sometimes collected by cookies. We may also generate or maintain our own audience profiles using internal data sources or third party data, such as from the Australian Census or research companies.

      We take great care to ensure that any profile information we use is aggregated anonymous and broad, does not contain personal information, and does not track your activity across sites.