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Telecommunications Consumer Protections Code

Telstra is committed to providing the consumer protections in the Telecommunications Consumer Protections (TCP) Code (PDF 791KB). The Code took effect on 1 September 2012.

The Code applies to Telstra and other relevant telecommunications service providers and provides a range of benefits and safeguards for consumers.

Telstra welcomes the adoption and commencement of the Code, which we believe will assist the telecommunications industry to continue to deliver customer service improvements to consumers.

Telstra was an active contributor to the development of the Code and is committed to ensuring compliance with it. There is nothing more important at Telstra than improving the way we serve our customers and we're committed to continually improving our customer service. The Code will help guide those efforts.

The Code contains a set of rules designed to protect the rights of consumers and clearly spells out the obligations of retail telecommunications service providers.

It deals with a range of customer transactions and sets out mandatory requirements in relation to:

  • bills and billing
  • credit management and spend management tools
  • complaint handling
  • customer transfer
  • consumer contracts
  • the information providers are required to give customers about products and services, prices, terms and conditions.

The primary telecommunications industry body association, Communications Alliance Ltd, has published a brochure on the code called Protecting Our Customers (PDF, 143KB). This brochure summarises some of the key aspects in the TCP Code and is a useful resource for consumers.