Switch to Telstra home internet before you move house

Moving home can be challenging at the best of times. We take the worry out of organizing your new nbn™ home internet connection and now we've made it even easier to get connected with the new Smart Modem 3.
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Moving to Telstra in 2 easy steps

Choosing Telstra as your nbn home internet provider is easy.

First up, you get the flexibility of an Upfront Plan. Change it once a month or cancel it any time. And you won't have to worry about unexpected charges or late fees, it's just a single payment at the start of each new month. Next, you get rewarded when you join Telstra Plus for free. Yes, all for paying your bill! Finally, you get Telstra Smart Modem 3 in your plan. This amazing modem gives you access to more speed and devices, and connects you within minutes of stepping inside your new front door.

Step 1: Choose your nbn home internet plan

Check your address to get started

Our nbn home internet comes in loads of different plan types to suit every type of household. Choose an Upfront Plan which you can read about below, or another kind of internet plan. To choose your plan, click below. From there, you can:

  • Use our Address Checker tool to determine which type of nbn™ service is available at your new address
  • Based on this info, you'll be prompted to choose an Upfront Plan.

Step 2: Sign up and we'll take care of the rest

Give us as much notice as possible

Sign up ASAP - the more notice you give us, the better your chances of being connected on a day that suits. Be sure to tell us where we need to deliver your Smart Modem. Once it arrives at your new address, plug it in and connect to the Telstra network. 

We'll confirm everything via email. If we need to send an nbn technician to connect you, there'll also be an appointment time and date. 

We monitor the switchover of your service up to the moment you’re online with us. 

Modem delivery takes up to 3 days for metro and 7 days for regional.

Choosing nbn home internet wisely

Telstra nbn home internet comes in a choice of plan packages called Upfront Plans. These plans have no lock-in contracts, you can change them once a month - or cancel anytime. Even better, you can say 'goodbye' to paper bills and you won't need to make direct debit payments. 

Here are our hot tips to help make choosing your nbn provider even easier:

  • Think about how you really use your home internet. Who'll be using it when - and how many devices will be connected?  
  • Find the best fit: Looking for a budget connection, super-fast speeds or more reliable home Wi-Fi?

  • Compare the inclusions: Not all providers include things like unlimited data, no connection fee and a new Smart Modem. (Fun fact: Telstra offers all three).

  • Do you really need a home phone line? sometimes it's good to have the option. Telstra nbn plans include a fixed phone line as standard, so it’s there if you need it.


Our Upfront Internet plans are not available with a professional install and not suitable for Priority Assistance customers. If you leave within 24 months, return your modem or pay a $200 non return fee. For new home phone numbers and new Telstra customers only.

Telstra Smart Modem 3: it's all part of the plan

When you choose Telstra as your new home internet provider, you'll receive Smart Modem 3 as part of your plan. Combining power, speed and tech, it's everything you want in a modem.  



Get more Wi-Fi speed, on more devices, in more corners of your home. Latest Wi-Fi 6 technology makes it up to 60% faster than its predecessor.


Our most powerful modem to date features next-gen tech which gives you a stronger Wi-Fi signal in more corners of the home.  


Its built-in 4G SIM means if there’s an outage, Smart Modem 3 can switch to our 4G mobile network in minutes.

4G coverage required. Backup speeds capped at 25/5Mbps. Actual speeds may be lower.


How's this for clever? SmartFix will auto-detect and resolve Wi-Fi issues remotely. You don't have to do a thing. 


Major security upgrades keep your info safe online.  Auto-software updates help ensure security is constantly monitored. 


Eco-friendly design featuring over 80% recycled plastics and 100% recyclable packaging. 

The new Smart Modem 3 is included for use with all new internet plans. If you leave within 24 months, simply return your modem or pay a $200 non-return fee.

Join Telstra Plus for free

When you become a Telstra customer, we invite you to become a Telstra Plus™ member too. It's Telstra's loyalty program! 

Unlock exciting benefits and earn points towards rewards every time you make an eligible payment on your services. Points you earn can be put towards things like the latest mobile devices, cutting edge tech accessories, and unforgettable entertainment experiences.   

You must be 18+ with an eligible service. Excludes enterprise customers.

Read terms and conditions


  • Telstra Plus: Must be 18+ with an active service. Points are earned on payment for services or pre-paid recharge (excluding outright purchases, refunds, credits & late payment fees). Points expire 3 years from earning. Marketing opt-in required (preferences can be changed). Excludes Telstra Enterprise and Corporate accounts.
  • Service Availability: Services not available to all areas or premises.
  • Installation: Standard installation includes self-installation of your modem, eligibility criteria apply. Extra charges apply for non-standard installation of Telstra and NBN Co equipment and for premises in new developments.
  • nbn™ New Development Charge: In areas serviced by nbn co, Telstra may be required to connect services onto the nbn network. If you’re in a new development and not already connected to the nbn network, nbn co may charge $300 to connect your premises to the nbn network. If applicable, we will bill that charge to you. Once you are connected to nbn fibre, you won’t be able to move to our copper network. Extra charges may apply for non-standard or professional install of Telstra or nbn co equipment and for premises in new developments.
  • Telstra Smart Modem™: Mobile backup is available to premises in 4G coverage areas. Check coverage at telstra.com/coverage. Your mobile backup connection is capped at 25Mbps for downloads and 5Mbps for uploads. Actual speeds may be lower due to local conditions and content accessed.
  • Medical security alarms, lift phones and fire indicator panels: If you have a medical alarm, lift phone or fire indicator panel, you need to register these services with nbn co by calling 1800 227 300. Medical alarms can also be registered online at nbn.com.au/medicalregister. It’s important to understand that registering these services won’t prevent them from being disconnected when moving to the nbn network. As well as registering, you must also contact your medical alarm, lift phone or fire indicator panel provider to arrange the transfer of these services to the nbn network.


In most cases, nbn co installs the nbn network at your home at no cost. For new homes that have never had internet before, there is a $300 nbn New Development Charge which you’ll need to pay.

You can install your Telstra Smart Modem yourself for $0. Or you can get a Telstra technician to connect your modem and devices for a one-off fee of $240. 

Once we've processed your nbn service order, we’ll send you an order reference number via email which you can use to track the progress of your order.  

Connecting to the nbn network

If your property has not previously been connected to the nbn network, an nbn co technician may need to come to your address to set it up. Charges may apply.

You may also need a Telstra technician to help set up the connection inside your home. We’ll work this out once you place your order, and help to arrange any appointments you need. 

It sure is! Telstra Smart Modem Gen 3 is included when you take up a new Telstra nbn home internet plan.

As a new customer, there’s no additional cost if you stay connected for 24 months. If you leave before 24 months, you’ll need to return your modem or pay a $200 non-return fee.

Existing Telstra internet customers can upgrade to Telstra Smart Modem 3 for $9 extra per month over 24 months (min cost $216). To do this you can:

Message us now or visit your nearest Telstra Store

Rest assured, we won't start charging you until your nbn service is active with us. By this stage, we will have notified your current provider of the cancellation of your service. If your current provider charges you in advance, check with them to see if you will receive a refund on any unused days of service.