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We have a range of products to help our customers who have difficulty accessing standard telephone services.

Our Disability Equipment Program is for customers who are deaf or blind or have a hearing, speech, vision, mobility or dexterity impairment.

Who can apply?

To receive equipment under our Disability Equipment Program, you need to:

  • have a disability or impairment that means you're unable to use a standard telephone handset
  • be a Telstra retail customer or an associate of a Telstra retail customer (eg. a household member or small business employee) that has a basic phone line service and rents a phone from Telstra.

How to apply

Find out more by contacting our Disability Enquiry Hotline:

Disability Equipment Program brochure

Teletypewriters (TTYs)

TTYs allow you to send and receive text messages over the telephone network. People with little or no effective speech or hearing can conduct text-to-text conversations with other TTY users, or they can use the National Relay Service to conduct text to voice calls with other users. Telstra supplies a number of models through the Disability Equipment Program:

Uniphone 1150

Uniphone 1150

The voice, text and amplified telephone that is suitable for both standard phone and TTY users.


  • Combines TTY and telephone features
  • The telephone handset includes a hearing aid coupler and has volume control
  • Built-in flashing ring indicator
  • Auto Answer
  • Built-in memory allows you to review your TTY conversation
  • Turbo Code automatically sends and receives as fast as you can type
  • ASCII code capability enables the Uniphone to communicate directly to a computer modem
  • Takes TTY messages when you are unavailable
  • VCO/HCO possible when used with in-built telephone handset

Miniprint 425

An easy-to-use reliable TTY with a built-in printer.


  • Turbo Code with interrupt facility allows 'real time' conversation, you can send or receive as fast as you can type
  • Auto Answer
  • Acoustically coupled to your telephone handset or direct connect to your telephone line
  • AutoID alerts hearing people to your TTY calls
  • Built-in ring flasher for incoming calls
  • Printing function provides a printed version of conversations
  • Takes TTY messages when you are unavailable

Superprint 4425

Loaded with features to make communication easy.


  • Turbo Code with interrupt facility allows 'real time' conversation - send or receive as fast as you can type
  • Voice announcer tells the caller to use a TTY or dial a relay service and gives the relay number
  • Auto Answer, remote message retrieval
  • Acoustically coupled to your telephone handset or direct connect to your telephone line
  • AutoID alerts hearing people to your TTY calls
  • Built-in ring flasher for incoming calls
  • User programmable relay voice announcer
  • Built-in 32K memory allows you to store phone numbers and conversations
  • Memory dialling

Large Visual Display TTY

Includes the same features as the Superprint 4425, and has a large visual display for Deafblind customers with some residual vision.


  • As with the Superprint 4425 above
  • Large Visual Display shows bright, bold, magnified characters 15mm high
  • Conversation is shown on both the TTY display and on the Large Visual Display

Braille TTY

For Deafblind customers, this TTY outputs conversations in Braille as well as on a standard TTY fluorescent display.


  • Braille TTY
  • Automatic answering, remote message retrieval
  • Direct connect to your telephone line or acoustically coupled to your telephone handset
  • Memory dialling
  • Wireless vibrating alert for incoming calls
  • 4 memory buffers for pre-recording messages
  • Dual keyboard allows conversations to be output both in Braille and on the TTY display
  • Large memory function allows conversations to be saved

Telstra Standard Rental Phone - T1000S

The T1000S has a number of features that make it easy to use for people with vision impairment and with impaired dexterity. Improved adjustable ring volume and adjustable volume control features for incoming calls also make this phone accessible for people with hearing impairment.


  • Improved keypad button spacing
  • Tactile marker on the '5' key
  • In-built hearing aid coupler
  • 10 programmable one-touch memory-storage buttons for easy dialling
  • Six simple one-touch and easy to use network feature buttons
  • Telstra Voice Assistant button (1#) that allows you to control some phone features using your voice
  • Adjustable ringer volume with the pitch set to maximise the sound level
  • Adjustable volume control to amplify incoming speech
  • Light weight easy to hold handset, with comfortable earpiece
  • A 1.5m extendable handset cord reduces drag on the handset
  • Additional line socket to enable connection of external ringer
  • Quality design and tested to ensure long and maintenance-free use.

Big Button / Multi-Purpose phone

If you have difficulty holding a telephone handset, reading or dialling the numbers on your telephone, or making yourself heard on the phone this may be the phone for you.

This multi-purpose phone has been especially designed to suit people with vision or dexterity impairment. The buttons are double the size of those on a standard phone, and can activate the handsfree function and dial programmed numbers with a single push of a button.


  • Large print and large button keypad
  • Handsfree microphone and speaker that activate by touching any button on the keypad
  • Three one-touch and ten two-touch memory buttons for frequently called numbers
  • Adjustable ringer volume and pitch
  • Adjustable voice aid to amplify outgoing speech
  • Adjustable volume control to amplify incoming speech
  • In-built hearing aid coupler
  • Flashing light for incoming calls
  • Additional port so that you can add a single, external switch if you have difficulty dialling on the phone

* A supplementary battery/power pack is available, if single, external switch operation is required.

Cordless phone

If you have difficulty getting to the phone in time, this phone may suit you.


  • Adjustable ring volume and adjustable hearing volume control with volume boost
  • In-built hearing aid coupler
  • Large backlit key-pad buttons
  • Handsfree ability
  • Backlit Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) shows dialled numbers and numbers stored in memory, also displays call timer
  • 100 name and number phonebook
  • SMS capable
  • Calling Number Display with 20 number call list

Visual Alert

The visual signal alert allows people who have a hearing impairment or who are deaf to see that the telephone is ringing. It switches an incandescent lamp on and off in time with the telephone ring to show when you have an incoming call. The lamp is not provided by Telstra.


  • Flashes a lamp in sequence with incoming telephone ring
  • Can be easily connected to a standard telephone socket and a standard power socket
  • Lamp can be set to normally on or normally off for day or night use

Cochlear Implant Telephone Adaptor

If you have a Cochlear Implant, the Cochlear Implant Telephone Adaptor has been designed to help you use a standard telephone handset. The adaptor gives you a direct connection from your sound processor to the telephone.

What does it offer?

  • Helps to cut out background noise and interference
  • Models to suit body-worn sound processors and behind-the-ear sound processors
  • Please consult your audiologist or your Cochlear Implant Clinic for advice on which telephone adaptor will suit your Cochlear Implant

Extension Ringer / General Purpose Alarm

An auxiliary telephone ringer that can be installed in conjunction with your standard telephone to provide additional ring volume for people with a hearing impairment.


  • Extension ringer
  • Adjustable ring pitch and volume
  • Plugs into any socket, no batteries or mains power required on the current model
  • Much louder than a standard telephone ring
  • On / off switch