From this page, you can access our current Accessibility and Inclusion Plan as well as our past plans and independent review reports.

You can also review information on our key achievements over the past 34+ years for Australians with disability.

Accessibility and Inclusion Plan

People living with disability benefit from technology

Our First Accessibility & Inclusion Plan 2017-2019

We're proud to be a corporate leader in serving customers with disability and addressing barriers to accessibility and inclusion.

In 1996 we formalised commitments to ensure Australians with disability have access to communications, including to the latest technological advances, by becoming one of the first major Australian corporations to lodge a Disability Action Plan with the Australian Human Rights Commission.

Now, after six Disability Action Plans, Telstra has launched its first Accessibility and Inclusion Plan. Accessibility is about opportunity. It is about creating an inclusive society where the barriers to equal participation are removed. It is about everyone having equal access – to all elements of the physical and digital world.

Our Plan reflects our commitment as a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact and forms a key part our customer, sustainability and people strategies.

Our Plan is the result of ongoing consultation with key disability consumer bodies and organisations, as well as extensive engagement with business areas and individuals with across the company.

The pillars of our first Accessibility & Inclusion Plan are to:

  1. Improve Customer Experience: We want to make sure that our premises¸ products, services and information are accessible and easy to use and meet the needs of a diverse customer base. This is about intimately understanding the needs of our customers.
  2. Create a Fully Inclusive Workplace: At its heart, this is about culture. We know our people are our most powerful tool in building inclusion. To deliver brilliant customer experiences for everyone, we need a diverse workforce and a culture of inclusion. So our focus here is on raising awareness, building empathy and accessibility knowhow, and employing people with diverse abilities.
  3. Innovate for the Future: This is about using our skills and capabilities as a leading innovator to create accessible new technology, products and services that empower everyone to fully participate. We will do this by pushing the boundaries of technology to shape solutions for the future, drawing on universal design and partnering with others to innovate.

With technology driving such rapid change, there has never been a better time to focus on accessibility and inclusion and our vision remains to ensure we create a brilliant connected future for everyone.

Our First Accessibility & Inclusion Plan

Telstra Accessibility and Inclusion Plan 2017-19  (PDF)

Telstra Accessibility and Inclusion Plan 2017-19  (DOC)

You can also view past Disability Action Plans and Review reports on our reports page.