What SMS alerts do I get for my Pre-Paid service?

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    Depending on your plan, you may receive these alerts:

    • Pre-Paid service activation alerts
    • Low credit alerts
    • Recharge & Extra expiry alerts
    • Account deactivation alerts – 32 days and 8 days before the recharge only period ends
    • Change of Pre-Paid plan confirmations 
    • Failed automatic recharges

    Can I view SMS messages on a mobile broadband device?

    If you have an SMS-capable device, you can access messages when connected to your mobile broadband device at http://m.home. Check the device user manual to find out if it's SMS capable, or follow these steps:

    1. Connect your Pre-Paid mobile broadband device
    2. Type http://m.home into your browser
    3. Click the SMS tab to see if you can view SMS messages.

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