What is the Telstra Pre-Paid Mobile Plan?

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    The Telstra Pre-Paid Mobile plan is our latest everyday value plan with included calls, texts and data with each recharge. You can switch between the Telstra Pre-Paid Mobile Plan and the Telstra Pre-Paid Casual Plan depending on your data and recharge needs. 

    Frequently asked questions

    Continuous Rollover lets you save up to 200GB of unused data when you recharge before expiry. To save data, you must have an existing, active 7 or 28 day recharge, and be recharging again onto a 7 or 28 day recharge. Data rollover can continuously occur and can be accumulated over time. 

    Any leftover data is saved for later. Continuous Rollover is capped at 200GB, so any data that goes over this limit will not be saved.

    If you let your recharge expire, your Continuous Rollover data will be forfeited.

    Continuous Rollover is only available on 7 and 28 day recharges, it’s not available on 186 and 366 day recharges. You’ll automatically start using your Continuous Rollover once the data included with your current recharge is used up.

    If you roll over from a 28 day recharge to a 7 day recharge, then the rollover data will expire in 7 days. If you roll over from a 7 day recharge to a 28 day recharge, then the rollover data will expire in 28 days.

    Any unused data from a data pack will not roll over.

    When you recharge $30 or more on our Telstra Pre-Paid Mobile plan, you’ll get included standard international call minutes to 50 selected destinations in both zone 1 and zone 2. Included call minutes depend on the amount you recharge. View the Pre-Paid Mobile plan inclusions for more information.  

    If you're travelling to one of the 35 destinations eligible for Telstra Pre-Paid international roaming, you can purchase a Telstra Pre-Paid International Roaming Pack once you land at your destination.

    Use the My Telstra app from your Telstra service to view the pack options and to purchase a pack that suits your travelling needs.

    When you arrive in the destination, we'll send you an SMS to confirm that you're in an eligible international roaming destination, and with instructions on how to purchase your Telstra Pre-Paid International Roaming Pack.

    Tip: If you have manually disabled international roaming in your device settings, make sure you enable international roaming.

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