How do I troubleshoot an issue with Mobile Speed or Latency Optimiser?

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    Why can’t I add Mobile Speed or Latency Optimiser in My Telstra?

    If you see an error when adding Speed or Latency Optimiser, check whether:

    • Your service is suspended
    • You have an overdue balance on your mobile account
    • You’re not on an Upfront mobile or mobile data plan
    • You have the latest My Telstra app version installed.

    What can I do if the optimiser doesn’t improve performance?

    If you’re not seeing improved performance when using Mobile Speed or Latency Optimisers:

    1. Check you have Speed or Latency Optimiser active on your service
    2. Check you’re in a 4G/5G coverage area. You can see what network your device is on in the top right of your mobile screen
    3. Ensure you’re connected to the Telstra Mobile Network, not Wi-Fi
    4. Check your data usage in My Telstra. If you’ve used all your data, neither Mobile Speed or Latency Optimiser will function
    5. Make sure your device meets the eligibility requirements for Speed Optimiser and that it’s compatible
    6. If you’re using Latency Optimiser, make sure your game is communicating through UDP (User Datagram Protocol).

    What devices are compatible?

    Devices capable of connecting to our 4G network should be compatible with Mobile Speed and Latency Optimisers. These include:




    • iPhone 7 or newer
    • iPad mini 4 or newer
    • iPad Air 3rd generation or newer 
    • iPad and iPad Pro family


    • IBR900 family
    • IBR1700 family
    • AER2200
    • E300
    • W2000
    • W2005


    • Pixel 2 or newer


    • Nokia 7.2


    • M9
    • 10
    • U11
    • 5G Hub


    • G6
    • G8s
    • V50 Thin Q
    • K11+


    • Surface Pro LTE
    • Go LTE
    • Pro X
    • Go 2 LTE
    • Pro 7+ LTE


    • Orbi 4GX
    • Nighthawk M1
    • M2
    • M5


    • A53s
    • Reno 5G
    • Find X2 Neo
    • X2 Pro 5G
    • X3 Pro 5G


    • Galaxy S3 or newer
    • Galaxy Note10 5G
    • Note20 5G
    • Note20 Ultra 5G
    • Galaxy XCover Pro
    • Galaxy Fold
    • Galaxy Z-Flip
    • Galaxy Z-Fold 5G
    • Galaxy A30, A51, A70, A90 or newer
    • Galaxy Tab S2 and newer
    • Galaxy Tab A7 (SM-T505)
    • Galaxy Tab A10.1 (SM-T515)
    • Galaxy Tab 10.5 (SM-T595)
    • Galaxy Tab Active 2 or newer
    • Galaxy Tab Active Pro


    • Xperia PF22


    • Signature Premium
    • Wi-Fi 4GX Advanced I or newer
    • 5G Wi-Fi Pro
    • Evoke Plus 2
    • Essential Pro or newer
    • Tough Max3 ZTE T86


    • A5

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