How do I make calls, send SMS and get online with international roaming?

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    However you choose to use your mobile device while you’re holidaying overseas, we’re here to help you stay connected, and make sure you know exactly just how much it’s going to cost when you return home.

    Making calls and sending SMS/texts

    If you can make a call from overseas, that means international roaming has been activated on your Telstra mobile service.

    If you can’t make calls or send SMS, first check:

    Connecting to the internet overseas

    Sometimes, it takes up to 10 minutes for your phone to connect to one of our overseas mobile network partners. If you still can’t connect, check: 

    • Your phone settings as data roaming may be disabled. To do this, follow the instructions for different brands of mobile devices on our device guides
    • Your My Telstra app to ensure that ‘international roaming’ is selected. Also, select ‘Day Pass’ if you’re on an Upfront Plan

    International roaming on a cruise

    On an Upfront Plan

    International roaming is not compatible. Your best option here is to access the ship’s own Wi-Fi. To do this, turn off international roaming from the MyTelstra app, to avoid more costly pay-as-you-go rates.

    On other mobile plans such as Pre-Paid

    International roaming may be compatible. If the cruise ship turns on their satellite service, your mobile device will be able to connect the strongest signal available.

    If you choose this option, you’ll be accessing international roaming at pay-as-you-go rates, which are charged at $3 per MB. This is significantly more expensive than a Day Pass option. Telstra will send you an SMS to advise you of these rates.

    Your other option here is to access the ship’s own Wi-Fi. To do this, turn off international roaming from the My Telstra app.

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