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    Upfront Plans

    On an Upfront Plan, when you select ‘International Roaming’ + ’Day Pass’ in the My Telstra app, your costs will be an additional $5 to $10 extra/day on your plan, depending on your international roaming travel zone. If you exceed your 1GB Day Pass data allowance within 24 hours, we’ll send you an SMS to confirm whether you would like to purchase a top-up of 1GB, for an additional $10.

    These are daily rates, and your incremental costs can be tracked in the My Telstra app.

    Find eligible destinations by zone

    What's included in Day Pass?

    Day Pass

    Access 2GB of data per day and unlimited calls and texts in eligible destinations. Countries are zoned according to what services are available.

    Eligible destinations may change depending on your plan type.

    Zone 1

    $5 a day

    2GB data, unlimited calls + SMS 

    Zone 2

    $10 a day

    2GB data, unlimited calls + SMS

    Zone 3

    $10 a day

    Unlimited calls + SMS

    Need more Data?

    Data Top-Up

    Reached your 2GB Day Pass data allowance?

    • Upfront Plans will get an SMS with the option to buy a Data Top-Up
    • Non-Upfront Plans will automatically get a Data Top-Up

    Data top-up

    $10 for 2GB

    Valid for 31 days

    Pre-Paid Plans

    On our Pre-Paid mobile plans, you can activate international roaming with a Pre-Paid International Roaming Pack. Each of these options gives you a further choice of plans, depending on how many countries you’re visiting and how connected you need to be.

    Pre-Paid International Roaming Pack

    Just the ticket if you’re going on a budget-style holiday. Available in 35 countries.


    valid for 3 days
    • 400MB data allowance
    • 15 SMS
    • 15 mins worth of calls


    valid for 7 days
    • 2GB data
    • 25 SMS
    • 25 mins worth of calls


    valid for 14 days
    • 4GB data
    • 50 SMS
    • 50 mins worth of calls

    Pay-as-you-go rates

    While PAYG allows you the freedom to roam in over 200 countries, it’s by far the most expensive way to access international roaming. Rates are charged at $3 per MB of data you use. It takes around 3.75 MB/minute for a one-way standard definition video call, so you can see how the cost could stack up. PAYG is not applicable to Upfront Plans.

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