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What are Early Termination Charges?

Early Termination Charges are fees that you need to pay if you choose to:

  • Cancel a Telstra mobile service before your contract end date;

  • Change your mobile or tablet plan before your contract end date;

  • Change to a non-eligible mobile plan before your contract end date; or

  • Move your mobile service to a pre-paid or casual plan before your contract end date.



What else do I need to know about cancelling my service?

There is an Early Termination Charge if you cancel your Telstra package within the minimum term.

If you cancel within the first three months, you’ll also incur a $100 temporary connection fee for the home phone part of your package.

If your packages included hardware like a Telstra TV or a Telstra modem as part of your contract and you cancel the packages early, then we will add the remaining amount for these items to your total Early Termination Charges (ETC).

If you cancel your package and there are any additional Hardware Repayment Options associated with it, you'll need to pay the remaining hardware payments. Any associated package benefits, such as Family Calls Package, will also be removed.

If you change your package before the contract end date, you may also have to pay Early Termination Charges.



If you cancel your service early, you’ll also need to pay any remaining device, handset and accessory payments associated with that cancelled service. If you’re unsure whether this affects your contract use our Contract Details form for a quick round-up of any fees associated with cancelling your account.

You can also sign into Telstra 24x7 My Account to access this information.


Good to know

You can also check the Critical Information Summary (CIS) of your service, which outlines the Early Termination Charges of your contract excluding any remaining handset and accessory payments. These fees decrease each month you stay on your plan.



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