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Stay in touch even if your phone’s out of battery or out of reach.


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Telstra and Google have partnered to make calling easier. Whether your mobile is off, out of reach, or your hands are full, you can now make voice-activated calls on Google Nest speakers and displays. Only available to eligible Telstra mobile customers. It’s free to set up and calls are at no additional cost to your existing mobile plan. Data charges may apply. Link up to six mobile services with Google Voice Match So when you say "Hey Google, call mum", it calls your mum, not your flatmate’s mum

To get started you need

A Smartphone with a compatible Telstra mobile service

(pre-paid customers will need a smartphone with credit)

A Google Nest speaker or display connected to an active Wi-Fi network

A Google or Gmail account.


Setting up is free

  1. Download the Google Home app on your smartphone.


  2. Go to the Telstra mobile calling section and tap Telstra to begin linking, if you can't see Telstra then follow these linking instructions.
  3. Enter your mobile number and secure PIN code received by SMS. Accept the T&Cs.
  4. Sync your mobile contact list with your Google account.


To set up Voice Match, a Multi User Home and more visit our support page.

set up


“Hey Google, call…”

  • To call a contact:
    Say “Hey Google, call...” then the person’s name as it appears in your mobile contacts list. e.g “Hey Google call Mum.” Or say “Hey Google, call…” then the person’s phone number.e.g. 0404 000 000
  • To call a business:
    Say “Hey Google, call…” then the business name. e.g. “Hey Google, call ABC Pizza in Richmond.”
  • To call Emergency 000:
    Say “Hey Google, call triple zero.”
  • To call MessageBank®:
    Say “Hey Google, call one, zero, one.”
  • To choose options in the MessageBank® menu:
    Say “Hey Google, press…” then the number you want. e.g “Hey Google, press five.”
  • To end a call:
    Say “OK Google, end call.”

Why choose us?

Illustration of Australia to demonstrate Telstra has the best Australian Mobile phone network

Australia’s best mobile network

The Telstra mobile network reaches further, runs faster and works better than any other.

Faster based on national average mobile speeds

Illustration of an open lock to demonstrate that Telstra's new mobile phone plans have no lock in contract

No lock-in contracts

Our new month-to-month plans with no lock-in contracts give you the flexibility to change your plan once a month. If you leave, simply pay out your device.

An illustration of a wallet to demonstrate that Telstra's new plans have no excess data charges

No excess data charges in Australia

We won’t charge you for going over your monthly data allowance in Australia, but your data will be slowed.

Illustration of hand holding phone with entertainment icons around it to demonstrate that Telstra's new plans have fantastic extras

Extraordinary extras

Once you’ve started your plan, you can personalise it anytime by adding on extras like entertainment, live sport and accessories.



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