DOT (Digital Office Technology)TM is the all-in-one mobile, landline and broadband solution that helps you do your thing even better.


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Add handy extras and services to your core plan.

Eftpos line

plus usage

Add a dedicated number for your EFTPOS machine

Fax line

plus usage

Add a dedicated number for your fax machine

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plus usage

Add a fixed line for your back to base alarm

Broadband backup

24 month term
Min cost $360

Connect if your fixed broadband goes down

Virtual receptionist


Automatically answers and directs incoming calls with a customised greeting

Hunt group


Automatically sends incoming calls to the next available line


Extra fixed phone for your growing business



Mobile plans to help you stay in touch while on the road



Mobile broadband plans to connect when you're out and about


Help manage your costs better

Enjoy free calls within Australia between phones (fixed lines and mobiles) on your DOT account.

Get included standard calls within Australia on selected plans.

Plus you get shared call and data allowances across plans of the same type, on a single bill.

Case study: Webster and Wood Hairdressers

Bree Moon manages two salons in different locations, but prior to DOT their phone systems were not connected in any way.

With free calls between all phones in Australia on Bree’s DOT account, DOT allows her salons to talk as much as they need.

Webster and Wood Hairdressers


Improve customer service

Your fixed phone lines and mobiles can be set to ring in sequence, or simultaneously so you can answer customer calls the first time.

Use Voice2Email to listen, forward, save or delete voicemails from your desktop.

Case study: Altered Images Photography

Altered Images is a small business-to-business photography studio, with an impressive international client list.

With DOT, photographer Ian Van der Wolde has been able to set all his phones to ring at once, so he’s more accessible to clients.

Altered Images


Work on the go

Access your business files in more places with Remote Working software.

You can also share your data and monitor your usage online.

Case study: Tetra Tea Tree

Tetra Tea Tree has been proudly producing natural, locally made bedding since 1949.

With DOT, owner Steven Muller can access his office files from more places, meaning he spends less time in the office and more time with his suppliers and customers.

Tetra Tea Tree


Installation and support

Get professional installation plus 24x7 technical support.

Case study: FNSI Group

FNSI Group is a specialist insurance brokerage and consultancy firm. With a client base of over 240, owner Joseph Nohra can’t afford any technology down time.

With professional installation, mentoring and 24x7 over-the-phone support, DOT gives Joseph peace of mind and lets him spend time on what really matters - his clients.

FNSI Group


Benefits of DOT


Enjoy Free Calls
Save with free calls in Australia between phones on your DOT account.


Share your call and data allowance.
You can share your allowances across plans of the same type, so your Core Plan voice allowance is shared with your Office Plan, and your mobile allowances are shared across your mobile plans.


Be flexible and mobile by making and receiving calls on your compatible device looking like you are using your fixed desk phone number when you're on the go. Data charges apply in addition to standard call costs.


Smart call management
Great calling features including simultaneous and sequential ring features so more calls can reach you.


Access voicemails from your inbox
Use Voice2Email to access voicemails through your email, so you can manage and listen to messages from your computer.


Nil excess for first two broadband bills
With our Peace of Mind Commitment, eligible new business customers receive no fixed broadband excess data charges for the first two bills.


Single bill
You get one account and a single bill to keep things simple.


24x7 support
Get round-the-clock support from our technical experts.

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Be flexible and mobile by making and receiving calls on your compatible device looking like you are using your fixed desk phone number when you're on the go. 

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Things you need to know

Service not available to all areas, premises or customers. In areas serviced by the NBN, Telstra may be required to connect services onto the NBN. Once you are connected to NBN fibre, you won’t be able to move to our copper network. All your DOT components must be within Australia to receive free on-account calls and shared data and call allowances. You cannot share unlimited allowances or allowances between fixed and mobile services. Included allowances exclude some usage such as calls to premium numbers (e.g. 19xx and 13xx numbers). Unlimited allowances are subject to our Fair Usage policy and unused allowances expire monthly. If you cancel early, you must repay equipment costs in addition to any early termination charge.

Peace Of Mind Commitment: No fixed broadband excess data charges for your first two bills for new DOT (Digital Office Technology)™ and Telstra BizEssentials® bundles customers. Service not available in all areas or to recontracting customers.