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Office broadband plans

Better your connections.

Get your business onto the fast and reliable broadband network trusted by more Australian businesses from just $80 a month.

Min cost $2,019 over 24 months (inc. self install & $99 activation fee for new eligible customers)



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Broadband plans

View our Business broadband plans below. What is nbn? Read our nbn guide to learn more.

nbn satisfaction guarantee

Not happy with your nbn™ connection? Let us know within 30 days of connecting and we’ll refund your first month’s plan fee and hardware costs.

New customers only, conditions apply.

View our ADSL broadband plans below.

Telstra business benefits

Mobile broadband backup

In the unlikely event of an outage, your Telstra Business Smart Modem™ switches over to Australia's best mobile network to help keep you business going.*

*4G coverage required


Static IP

Assign your computer to a fixed IP address so you can run a server, host a domain or set up a Virtual Private Network.*

Available on fixed connection only.

Unlimited uploads

Share, store and keep your business cloud secure with unlimited fixed broadband uploads.

Small business support

If you have questions about your plan, let’s talk. Our business specialists are here for you 24/7.



Frequently asked questions


ADSL is a broadband service that is delivered over Telstra’s copper network, with internet speeds suitable for web browsing and data sharing.

The nbn network is a more modern broadband service delivered by nbn co, suitable for high-speed data sharing, online collaboration and video calling. You can learn more about nbn by reading our nbn guide.

Both of these technologies require a physical connection from the Telstra network to the premises.

This is connected to a Telstra Gateway that enables a Wi-Fi network in your office or site.

On-the-go broadband doesn’t require a physical or existing Wi-Fi connection and can be accessed from locations where 4G is enabled.

A data only SIM card is used in a ‘hotspot’ device like the Telstra Nighthawk. Every Telstra mobile broadband service comes with access to Australia’s fastest 4G network.


Business needs are always changing. Because of this, we offer you the flexibility to switch between bundles once a month as your requirements change.


You can move between plans in the same plan family once a month without incurring any Early Termination Charges.


If you exceed your monthly data allowance, your broadband service won't be slowed. Instead, we'll charge you for excess data at $1 per GB, charged per MB or part thereof capped at a maximum of $300 per month.


A static IP address is your fixed address on the internet. You could think of a static IP address as like an email address or a home address. These addresses don't change, which makes contacting or finding someone easy.

A static IP address is useful if you host a website from home, have a file server in your network, are using networked printers, are running a print server, or if you use a remote access program. Because a static IP address doesn’t change, other devices always know exactly how to contact a device that uses one.


The nbn network is being rolled out across Australia. To see where the nbn network is currently available and where it’s coming to next, use our nbn network rollout map. From there, we can determine which services are available in your area and help you get set up.

Help ensure your services are nbnTM ready with Telstra's Business Protect Alarm Monitoring

Were you aware that when you move your services to the nbn, your existing alarm monitoring service may not be compatible or compliant with Australian security standards?

Telstra's "Business Protect IP" works over the Telstra Mobile Network and so isn't affected by the nbn roll out. It's a wireless secure alarm monitoring service that allows you to keep your existing compatible alarm panel.

The alarm is connected to, and monitored by Telstra SNP Monitoring (TSM). TSM is Telstra’s joint venture with SNP Security, the trusted all-Australian Grade A1 security company with over 90 years of expertise in the security monitoring market.

>Find out more about Telstra's Business Protect IP

>Transitioning your alarm monitoring service to the nbn™ network




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