What is Telstra Device Locator?

Telstra Device Locator is a feature in the My Telstra app that uses GPS and the Telstra Mobile Network to locate lost iPhone, iPad and Android devices. It can be used SIM-enabled phones and tablets that are registered and are on your Telstra account.

Benefits of using Telstra Device Locator

See the big picture

View all your registered devices on one map – Telstra Device Locator works with iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

Play a sound

Know your device is nearby but still can’t locate it? Use Telstra Device Locator to make it play a sound.

Send a message

Create a custom message with a contact number that’ll display on screen so anyone who finds your device can see it.

Setup My Telstra app

Step 1

On the Get help tab, scroll down and select Device Locator

Step 2

Tap on Set up Device Locator at the bottom of the next screen

Step 3

Follow the prompts to allow required permissions, and tap Enable  

Step 4

You’re now set up and ready to find your device

Find your devices

Step 1

On the Get help tab, tap on Device Locator.

Step 2

You’ll see your registered devices on a map. Below the map, select the missing device.

Step 3

Use the map to help locate your device. To interact with it, tap Play a sound or Send a notification.

Download the My Telstra app

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