Signed up to a plan from 25 June 2019

Whether you signed up to a new plan or switched from a previous plan.

Switch your plan

Switch your plan to get more or less data – our month-to-month plans let you change your plan once per billing cycle to find the right amount of data for you.

Signed up to a plan before 25 June 2019

For customers who signed up to a plan or re-contracted before 25 June 2019.

Your choice

You can make the switch to our month-to-month plans, add a Data Pack or turn on Extra Data for more data. 

Options for when you need more data

Switch your plan for more data. With no lock-ins you can change your month-to-month plans once per billing month. If you’re still in contract, there may be some costs associated with switching to a month-to-month plan. 

Extra Data automatically tops up your data in blocks of 1GB when you go over your included data allowance. Each 1GB block costs $10. We’ll send an email/SMS alert each time a 1GB block is automatically added to your plan.

Be informed

We’ll send you SMS or email alerts when you reach 50%, 85% and 100% of your included data allowance.

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