How to block unwanted contact

Why you should block unwanted contact

There are many ways people can get in touch with you over the internet, and that includes strangers. From direct messages on social media, to chatting in online video games, to emailing or texting you if your contact details are public somewhere. It's impossible to completely prevent strangers from contacting you, but there are some steps you can take to limit it. And especially if the contact is unwanted or harmful, like cyber bullying or other cyber abuse, it's important to know you can block and report it.

Unwanted contact can also mean scam calls or messages. Head on over to our Active Scams page to learn more.

How to block unwanted contact

The first step is to take preventative measures. To make sure someone you don't know can't get in touch with you, you can look at settings that help you manage who can message you. Most social media and gaming platforms will let you do just that.

If you're worried about strangers contacting your kid, make sure you set up parental controls on service they're using, but also speak openly to them about these issues so if they do experience unwanted contact, they're more likely to tell you.

The second step is to block and report users who have sent you unwanted messages. Blocking them stops them from contacting you again, so if you feel unsure, uncomfortable or unsafe because of someone's messages, just block them. Remember, nobody has the right to make you feel that way and it's in your power to stop them. In many cases, you can also report the user to the platform they're messaging you on.

The best place to report users in the first place is on the platform or service they're messaging you on. If you're unsure how to do it or if you've reported someone and you weren't happy with the outcome, you can also report them to the eSafety Commissioner.

Resources to block unwanted contact

The eSafety Commissioner offers guidance, tips and resources on unwanted or unsafe contact, how to report it and how to limit it.

We’ve also collected links to support pages that can help you block unwanted contact for various services for you to explore.

Limiting who can message you on social media

Limiting who can message you in games and gaming apps

Blocking emails, calls or texts

What's next?

To continue learning about how to stay safe online, you can explore how to build good online safety habits, for yourself, your kids or anyone else around you.