Building safe online habits for yourself and your kids

Why you need to build safe online habits

While security software, parental controls and content filters are great tools, they can’t offer 100% protection from online risks, harmful or inappropriate content or cyber abuse and bullying.

So we need to be vigilant, learn good online safety habits and teach them to your children, family, friends or anyone else, too.

Good online habits can:

  • help you prevent exposure to harmful or inappropriate online content or behaviour for yourself and loved ones
  • help you deal with harmful or inappropriate online content or behaviour if you or someone you know experiences it
  • help you create a more positive online experience by teaching those around you to be respectful and empathetic when interacting with other people online.

Resources to help you build safe online habits

The eSafety Commissioner offers guidance, tips and resources on how to build safe online habits. Their approach focuses on respect, empathy, critical thinking, responsible behaviour and resilience.

We’ve also collected some online safety guides for parents and carers for you to explore.

What's next?

To continue learning how to stay safe online, you can explore how to set up parental controls and content filters or how to block unwanted contact.