Relocate your internet service in four simple moves

Step 1: Book your request

Booking your moving house request well ahead of time helps minimise delays.

You can do it in one of three ways:

When you give us plenty of notice, we can give our technicians the notice they need, so everyone's happy! 

Step 2: Wait for confirmation

We’ll email you a confirmation within 48 hours.

This email will include details that are relevant to the type of nbn at your new property.  

If we do need to send a technician to connect the nbn, your confirmation email will include an appointment time, stating the time and date they’ll be there. We’ll also let you know if you need to be home or not. 

We monitor the progress of your move right up until the moment you’re connected to make sure it all runs smoothly. 

Step 3: Take your existing Telstra modem to your new home

When you leave your house for the last time, be sure to take your Telstra modem with you.

Pop it at the top of a packing box that’s easy to access, so when you arrive at your new home, you can grab it, plug it in, turn it on and voila – instant internet! Even if your nbn is not yet connected, your Telstra Smart Modem will switch over to our mobile network, so you're never caught short. 
Due for a modem upgrade? We’ve got you. We'll express deliver a Telstra Smart Modem 3 in around 5–7 business days. 

4G coverage required. 4G speeds capped at 25/5 Mbps. Actual speeds may be lower.

Step 4: Leave the nbn™ equipment behind

Any equipment with an nbn logo stays put at your old house.

This hardware belongs to nbn co and must stay at the property you’re leaving. It will be needed by whoever moves in next.  
Your new home will have the right nbn equipment already in place, unless that address has never been connected to the nbn network before.  

Meet your new housemate: Telstra Smart Modem 3

It won’t help with the dishes; but it will deliver reliable home internet. A great combination of power, speed and clever, next-gen tech, Telstra Smart Modem 3 is everything you want in a modem. Which is handy, because if you’re eligible for a modem upgrade, we’ll send you a Telstra Smart Modem 3 when you register your move with us.

Decided on a new nbn™ plan? As part of that plan, you’ll also receive the new Telstra Smart Modem 3. It’s included for all new customers who stay connected for 24 months. If you leave within 24 months, simply return your modem or pay a $200 non-return fee. 

It’s fast

Telstra Smart Modem 3 lets you enjoy more Wi-Fi speed, on more devices, in more corners of your home. With the latest Wi-fi 6 technology, it’s up to 60% faster than its predecessor.

It has built-in smarts

Telstra Smart Modem 3 has a built-in 4G SIM, so if there’s an outage, it can switch to our 4G mobile network in minutes.

4G coverage required. Backup speeds capped at 25/5Mbps. Actual speeds may be lower.

It’s supportive

Smart Modem 3 features SmartFix which can auto-detect and resolve Wi-Fi issues remotely, without you having to do a thing 

New Smart Modem 3 is included in all new internet plans. If you leave within 24 months, simply return your modem, or pay a $200 non-return fee.

Do I really need a technician to connect the nbn at my new house?

It all depends on your personal situation. When you book your home internet service move, we’ll consider a bunch of different factors to determine whether you need a technician or not, such as: the type of property you’re moving into, whether you’d prefer to self-install and if you’re connecting to the nbn for the first time.  
Remember: the more advance notice you can give us, the better the chances of having your internet moved on your preferred day. 

1. You can choose a professional nbn installation

A professional installation is when a technician comes to your new property to connect the internet for you. It costs $240. We’ll need a minimum of 7 business days’ notice when you book your move. 

2. You can DIY nbn installation

If it’s a straightforward installation, why not DIY? Just advise us when you book your move - we’ll need a minimum of 2 business days’ notice for this option.  

If we’ve established that your new service does need to be installed by a technician due to other reasons, we’ll let you know. 

3. We determine that you need a technician to install your nbn

Once you’ve booked your move, we’ll let you know within 48 hours if a technician needs to be there to install it. It could be for any of these reasons: 

  • It’s been a while since your new address had an active phone line and a technician needs to check everything’s still working OK  

  • Our service check identifies the need for a Telstra technician 

  • Your house has recently been renovated or subdivided 

  • Your house is being knocked down, rebuilt or is in a new development. If you’re moving to a recently-built property that’s never had a fixed internet connection, this may incur a $300 New Development Fee 

  •  You’re connecting to the nbn for the first time (from an ADSL service)

  • You want a new outlet or to move an existing one to a more suitable place. This costs $120 with standard installation per outlet or $192 with non-standard installation per outlet. 

  • You’re a Priority Assist customer

Your Telstra Plus points come too

Seeing you’re already a Telstra customer, chances are you’ll be a Telstra Plus™ member too. Don’t worry, your points will be joining your new household too.   

If you’re new to Telstra Plus, it’s our loyalty program which rewards you with points when you make eligible payments on your services. The points you’ve earned can be put towards new mobile devices, tech accessories and entertainment experiences, just to name a few.  

There are loads of other membership benefits to explore too. 

Book your move online, pay $0

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Disclaimer: Additional charges may apply for non-standard moves.