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Businesses that rely on mobile internet for their phones, tablets and other devices will benefit from the rollout of the enhanced 5G network. 5G stands for the fifth generation of mobile network technology, and it’s a leap forward that has the potential to make our lives more efficient. Think a faster data experience: seamless streaming, near real-time responses and downloads that take seconds, not minutes.

Mobile internet that’s faster and more reliable than ever

5G offers ultra-fast and reliable mobile networking and, in the future, will play a vital role in giving businesses the advanced, flexible connectivity they need to operate. 

Mel Taouk, the 5G product owner at Telstra, says the network will be transformative for Australian businesses. “5G is not just another G. It has the potential to revolutionise our lives and how we do business,” he says. “5G coverage, devices and network capabilities will allow for a new ecosystem of use cases and improved business models.”

5G currently allows team members to access faster speeds on the go than they would generally be able to get in a traditional office environment. Regional businesses and industries where employees are frequently mobile or working remotely should see vast improvements as the network rollout expands, and it will enable more companies to operate on the go.

Using 5G to help grow and transform your business

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We’re currently at the tip of the iceberg in terms of realising the full potential of 5G. Whether it’s bolstering the services you already offer or helping you succeed through innovation, there are plenty of opportunities to use the capabilities of 5G as a launching pad to carve a niche in the business landscape.

These include:

  • Delivering immersive experiences for your customers, from richer web content to augmented reality product demonstrations.
  • Video streaming and broadcasting high-resolution live footage or moving files quickly with faster upload speeds.
  • Supplying more processing power in the cloud, which could pave the way for lighter devices – like 5G laptops and tablets – to better support working on the go.
  • Providing faster, more reliable connectivity options for your home or work premises to support remote access and working.

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Get ahead with the power of 5G

Get your business ready for 5G with a compatible device and an eligible Telstra business plan.
5G is now rolling out in selected areas.