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Plan, act, and innovate.

Telstra delivers complete, integrated ICT solutions to enable your business to harness the promise of Australia’s new broadband network.

In business, you can’t stand still, and that’s especially true with the rollout of the nbn network. As the rollout accelerates, every Australian business will soon be impacted. Telstra is well positioned to help you plan your journey, ensuring we act on your business objectives, so you can create a platform for innovation.

Telstra understands the nbn network will affect every business differently. Our team of solution specialists will explore your business needs and challenges and tailor an enterprise-grade solution to maximise benefits from the nbn opportunity. We’ll also help keep your business connected and productive throughout your migration.

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How nbn migration can help optimise your network

Read our report to understand what you need to do before the nbn network arrives,

and how it can enable you to create opportunities to transform your business.

nbn rollout map

The nbn network rollout

The rollout will take time and is managed by nbn. View the rollout map to see if the nbn network is currently available in your area.

View the nbn network rollout map


nbn with Telstra

nbn is using a multi-technology mix to roll out the nbn network, so businesses around Australia can expect to be connected to the nbn network sooner.

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Whether you want to take the first step to understand how the nbn™ network will impact your existing services, simplify branch network architectures, consolidate your data network, or evolve the way you connect through unified communications, Telstra will help you make the most of this opportunity.

Accelerate your future

With Telstra, your business is ready not just to embrace the future, but to shape it. There are so many possibilities:

  • Engage and delight customers with new digital content
  • Change the way your teams collaborate and make decisions
  • Streamline productivity through faster applications and connected business assets
  • Deploy new business models with lightning-fast cloud from world-class providers

Accelerate your future

Plan with confidence

Plan with confidence

You can rely on Telstra to steer you smoothly through your nbn™ network migration. When you’re working with us, we’ll take the lead on the transition so you can get on with business:

  • Set up a strategy workshop
  • Conduct site audits to plan for changes and ensure business continuity
  • Bring your people, information and applications together reliably and flexibly

Help protect business continuity

When it’s time to migrate to the nbn™ network, we’re with you every step of the way:

  • Technology roadmap based on a clear understanding of your business strategies
  • Stay connected and productive throughout the migration. This will help ensure the business benefits are realised sooner, not later

Our customer service team is there 24/7 to respond to any issues you experience during migration

Help protect business continuity

Enterprise expertise

People make a difference.  We have the expertise to help your business stay connected and productive throughout your migration from copper to fibre services. Having deployed and maintained fibre services for over 30 years, we have the right people on the ground, with a single point of contact to support you every step of the way.

Our Consulting Services will help you throughout your migration. And we think ahead - at least 18 months prior to your transition. That's why we're the logical partner if you need a carefully considered strategy. 

We’ll help you understand the impact of the nbn™ network on your business. We explore your needs and current challenges, audit your relevant assets, identify risks associated with migration and develop go-to solutions for existing services. You'll have the assurance and confidence of choosing the right solutions with an effective roadmap for future innovation and growth.

Preparing for the NBN

Transforming business through nbn

Telstra must now start progressively withdrawing and disconnecting some of its advanced or complex services that the new nbn product capabilities will replace. As your trusted partner, we’re here to help you make a transition to available alternative solutions, help your business plan, prepare for and identify ways to maximise benefits from the nbn opportunity.


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Transforming business through nbn

Need a hand?

Strategic Planning with Consulting Services

We can work with you to navigate safely through an nbn network transition in a way that suits your business. We provide a customised roadmap to help you optimise network design, and maximise return on investment.

  • Transformation Consulting to develop an aligned vision of current and future state, as well as a roadmap of the short and long term actions along your network transformation journey.
  • Migration Plan that focuses on the specifics required to migrate from existing technologies to nbn network based connectivity.
  • nbn network Readiness Assessment to evaluate the technical impact of nbn network on your existing IT services, by analysing factors such as readiness, disconnection timelines and infrastructure compatibility.
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