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  • Unchain your data centre

    Use Software Defined Networking (SDN) for more agile, resilient and future-ready data centre operations.

    Traditional data centre networks aren’t designed for today's complex interactions.

    With Managed Data Centre Switching’s SDN approach, you can break the chains of a static, costly and hard to manage data centre fabric. It gives you greater agility to meet the growing demands of applications and user connectivity. It also helps to enable your hybrid cloud strategy.

    Managed Data Centre Switching provides SDN enabled switches for your data centre fabric. A software-defined architecture enhances visibility, simplifies management and lets you automate provisioning. The solution is professionally designed and fully managed for extra assurance. 

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    Using a consultative approach, we can design and deliver a tailored solution with full management and support for high performance.

    We offer you a choice of technologies from leading vendors. We also give you multiple options using SDN and non-SDN architectures.


    Automatic provisioning

    SDN enabled switches support rapid provisioning, simplify management and reduce the load on your IT teams.

    Real-time control

    Changes to the data centre network that previously took weeks can now take minutes.

    Enhance visibility

    Isolate and identify problems at a network level for easier troubleshooting.

    Connect hybrid clouds

    Help make your private cloud as agile as the public cloud to improve workload portability.


    Future ready

    Easily deploy new applications or services such as firewalling and load balancing.

    Business continuity

    High availability and resiliency is built in through a redundant architecture.


    Only deploy resources on demand and cut the expense of manual processes.

    Vendor options

    Choose technologies from our leading partners. We can help you evaluate the best fit for your needs.


    Professional services

    Consulting and specialised services to design and deploy the latest data centre network infrastructure. 

    Full management

    We provide ongoing maintenance, alarming and reporting of your data centre switches.

    One point of contact

    No need for multiple vendors and contracts. Gain the simplicity of one expert partner.

    In-depth knowledge

    Real-world expertise in SDN, network design and management for peace of mind.

    Data centre application demands

    Data centre application demands

    • Support growth on demand without major network changes
    • Enable business expansion with less time and cost
    • Test applications on a similar environment to the production data centre 
    Business resiliency

    Business resiliency

    • Continuous uptime during a single switch failure (if compute stack is dual-homed)
    • Simplify security policies
    • Streamline compliance
    • Consolidate environments and lower run costs
    Operational agility

    Operational agility

    • Fast zero touch provisioning
    • Enhance visibility for rapid response
    • Simplify management, lower costs and focus on innovation

    Key benefits

    Greater agility

    Increase visibility, simplify control and automate provisioning to respond faster.

    More resilience

    Automated failover and network-based switch configuration to improve business continuity.

    Future ready

    We design a solution that meets your needs today and can easily adapt to the future.

    Peace of mind

    Confidently deploy new capabilities with less risk and enjoy expert support.

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